Friday, November 2, 2012

Freaky Friday- Monster Cafe's Halloween

Well....We had ALOT of kids this year....
Wifey and I dressed up a little....on a few different days.  See it started on Tuesday and went to Saturday.  That is what Halloween is like here.  Here is us on another day...
Aren't we having fun?
Now here are some of the treaters...
The Chiqi Dracula twins...

I don't know why this guy thought Luigi from Mario Brothers was dead...

Ok, LOVING the Invisible Man!

The Skull twins.  Known foes of He-man...
But the night was not without it's own little problems....Like this litte crapheads above.  They wandered the restaurant INCESSANTLY!  Got REAL sick of them.  Even had to tell my waiter to SIT with their parents.  The kids had no education and sat at someone else's TABLE!  Lord have mercy.

Of course a few kids came without costumes like above.  Ughh....But that's ok.  I didn't turn them down for candy.
Oh then we had...Johnny my house where he just starts changing the TV and not asking beforehand.    Lord...
Um yeah...Do NOT bring a frickin kid's cake in without asking permission to the restaurant.  This is not a frickin park.  I SELL food to pay bills.  Not let people eat their food here for free.  Lord...
And um yeah...That is a MIRROR!  See the side of the couch in it's reflection?  Did you pay attention to the tour when we SHOWED you the mirror as you first come in?  Dumb as heck kid runs full blast into it, FORGETTING it was a mirror.  Luckily it didn't break.  It would have been a thousand bucks to his parents for his stupidity...
Sorry about that.  That kind of stuff belongs on Controversial Thursday...So back on with the cute little treaters!
Whoa!  Is that CapWolf from Marvel Comics?  How did a kid know about that?  Good thing his parents are steeped in Marvel lore.  Oh...Yeah I just think it happened to be a lucky combination...
This pumpkin thing was awesome!  Really cool old school blowmold vibe.
This couple is awesome!  They come almost every weekend.
HAHA...This little girl was terrified to come in here.  Perhaps she didn't want to be featured on Controversial Thursday!  Yeah I can be too brutal sometimes.
There were alot more but those were the good highlights...


  1. Aw man, it looks like you guys had a blast! You really do things up right down there don't you? If I'm ever south of the border I'll be sure to stop in and visit!

    1. Yes we did. If ya visit I promise you will not wind up on Controversial Thursday...LOL

  2. Outside some savages it looks like it was a wonderful time Hobby.

    1. It was. The big heartstopper was when the kid ran purposely into the mirror. OMG! It would have ruined the night.

  3. Looks like alot of fun!Those kids will never forget times like this.Heck maybe they'll blog about it one day ;)

  4. Looks like fun amigo. One day I will journey to that southern land and visit on Halloween.


    1. Por favor! Come on down. Free beer to the bloggers!

  5. Wish I could've been there - looks like y'all were having a blast! Wish I could've seen your face when that kid smacked the mirror!

    1. I didn't bust out laughing. It was more like abject horror!