Thursday, November 1, 2012

Controversial Thursday: Son of Mexican politician shot dead.

Um Yeah.....

Yeah....I am not surprised at all.  Now let's see....WHAT COULD THE IDIOTS RUNNING THE  GOVERNMENT POSSIBLY DO TO COMBAT THIS?  Um....YEAH.....

You frickin said it Gandhi!
How about GIVE your citizens the right to frickin DEFEND themselves?  Gee I know it is a new thought but COME ON!!!  Give us the right to BEAR ARMS!  These Zeta and Mafia types are running roughshod over the country.  They can go into anyplace they want and extort money.

  They have AK-47's and the shopkeeper is going to defend against that with a BUTTER KNIFE?
 Idiot politicians! 
I think Frost from Aliens said it pretty well...."What are we supposed to use man, harsh language?"
The Mafia ROUTINELY pulls buses over and kills everyone on the bus...WHY?  BECAUSE THEY KNOW THEY DO NOT HAVE GUNS! 
Look what happened in Florida...
So two guys enter with guns in Florida to possibly kill everyone there.  A guy with a gun SHOOTS them and saves everyones life!  But you will never read about that in Mexico because the politicians TOOK all the guns away.  When guns are outlawed THEN the outlaws have the guns!  How true in Mexico.

OH...How about this one?  Um, I don't know but...Um....LEGALIZE DRUGS?  IT would cut out the middle man!  Tax the hell out of it.  But they will not.  Politicians are getting kickbacks from the drug dealers. 
So ...Don't you DARE shed a tear for the politicians son.  It is THEIR fault in the first place for this happening.  ASSHATS!
I swear they are SUPER retarded!


  1. I wholeheartedly agree! I can't imagine living in a place where only bad guys have guns. I've long subscribed to the adage that it's better to have a gun and not need it, then to need it and not have it.

    1. Gots to tell ya. I feel pretty naked down here.