Thursday, November 15, 2012

Controversial Thursday is taking a break for new toy Thursdays!

Yeah I just got too many new toys to discuss.  When I catch up then the Controversial part will return.  I still have things to get off my chest folks!  But with that out of the way for the time is TOY TIME!
Got these!  Not for the Star Wars characters mind you but for the robots!  I envisioned some kind of mutant killer robots.  Turns out they ROYALLY suck!  I hate these toys and wish I had my money back.

This one was broken right out of the box.  Now I have to have someone glue the guy back together...meaning he will have NO movement meaning he WILL break again...

It was SUPPOSED to look like this!  This was the other robot.  He is fine but a little floppy...
But I was glad to get Padme and the snow outfit and C3PO.  I never had him before.  I did have the 77 original but none of the new ones.


  1. C3PO looks great though HG!The other robot could just be battle damaged ;)

    1. Yes he does! I finally have one. I resisted new Star Wars for years until 2011...