Thursday, November 29, 2012

Controversial Thursday- Changing character's races....

Ugghhhh....I  am a comic book guy.  Now I do not mind if Wolverine is not that short or that he doesn't even have a Canadian accent....What I care about is how he looks in the comics.  The producers did not make him a little Chinese boy.  You could tell it is Wolverine from the comics.  Thank you Hugh Jackman!  With that said I HATE it when Hollywood changes a race of a comic character JUST because.  JUST to include black people...It pisses me off.
I just want a kind of purity when making my comic book to Hollywood.  I am not advocating a race war.  I mean hell you will never see a Luke Cage movie with Nicholas Cage right?
Now this is Ultimate Fury so it is ok right?  WRONG!  It sucks and it pandering to the black community so someone would see Avengers.  F you Hollywood!!!
Oh, it is just Alicia Masters.  She is a minor character in the FF universe so it is ok if we change her race.  BS!  CRAP!  EVERY character is major to me.

Now granted I know not much about Thor so I can let this one slide....WRONG!  EH EH!  F YOU HOLLYWOOD!  Heimdell NEEDS to be white and nordic. 

This one was a big one for me and I am still not over it.  There were THOUSANDS of better candidates for the Kingpin.  One, a mister King Kong Bundy was even CAST as the Kingpin in the Code Of Duty Marvel books.  Don't believe me?  Let's look...Well I cannot.  I don't have the book anymore and I cannot find a pic of ole Kingpin on the net.  But they cast Bundy I assure you.
Which leads me to this crap.  This is awful.  You Hollywood bastards...
If they did a Black Panther movie with DJ Qualls I would be balistic as well.  So stop saying that I am just racist.  I am a purist.  I want white characters white and black characters black.  There is nothing wrong with that.


  1. I want to agree with you, but then I remember it goes both ways. There have been a surprising number of movies where characters who were originally black, Asian, Mexican, or whatever have been changed to be WHITE because it would sell more tickets or otherwise resonate better with a predominantly white American audience. Do I think it's right? No, of course not. I just don't think the debate should be limited to black or white.

    1. Yeah one could go all out on every race.

  2. Wow. At first I thought it was a bad choice of casting Sam Jackson as Fury. But, after seeing all the Avengers film he did a good job. Way better the Hoff. I'll say this about Jaime Foxx as Electro, no. And there was a rumor before Captain America came out, Will Smith was the front runner for the Steve Rogers role. Again no. I believe that color doesn't matter as long as its not a major change. Like how does a African American man become Captain America in a time when there was still this racial rift in society.


    1. I just found out Electro is based on his Ultimates look in which he is black as well....I do not read the ultimates books...Hell is EVERYONE black in those books? Let me check...Yup now Spidey is black. Okie dokie...

  3. I think it also depends on how well the role is played.Sam Jackson did great job I think but the "Green Mile" dude(RIP)didn't cut it for me.I always thought that Brian Dennehy would have made a great kingpin.

  4. I don't find it that big of a deal in the movies at all. They themselves...a separate Universe.
    But if they take an established character in the comics, and change the race and/or gender....then I have a big problem. The change with Ultimate Spider-man, for example, made no sense. You kill off the MAIN character and replace him??? Well guess's not really Spider-Man anymore.
    Laziness is the biggest thing. The big 2, Marvel nor DC have been able to come up with a new FLAGSHIP character to float the company like they did back in the Golden and Silver Ages. So the rely on the ol' REINVENT the character crap. And they will do the same in the movies just because it is considered a blank canvass with an already established story and theme they can tweak.

  5. I keep thinking back to the movie "Touch Of Evil" where they made Charlton Heston hispanic which to me was just strange but he did a good job in the film but i agree with you to a point there are just certain characters you just don't want to change and as much i would want a "Classic" Marvel Nick Fury in the movies Sam Jackson was playing the "Ultimates" version who's look is based off of him so he is the guy you would want for this role.

  6. The Avengers is more an amalgam of the classic 616 & Ultimate universe so having Sam Jackson play Fury didn't bother me. I didn't like MCD as Kingpin, but I thought the casting of white kids in The Last Airbender was just as bad.

    And Idris Elba was awesome as Heimdall!

    I guess I don't see it as a big deal except when studios do it as a publicity stunt or just to have a specific race (or, more often than not, a racial stereotype) be part of the movie. That's stupid and very condescending to movie audiences.