Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wednesday wishlist- top 10 nonmonster kits I want

Oh yeah it is Wednesday....And since I have already talk about all things monstery, this list is for the top 10 model kits I am looking for.  I like model kits alot.  I like the opportunity to paint them and make them my own.  Kids do not do model kits today.  That is a real shame.  So here goes...
1. The Wooly Mammoth- This was one of the first kits I ever got as a kid.  My sweet mother Anne helped me to put it together.  Wish I had it today.  Hope they reissue it again.

2. Six Million Dollar man- The Bionic Bustout!  I saw this kit as a kid.  Always wanted it but never had it.  It is a great action scene.

3. Moebius Spiderman and Green Goblin- I would so mount these on the wall.  Great looks to them.  This was one of the first kits that Moebius had of Marvels.
4. Green Lantern- What an awesome model kit!  Hopefully Moebius will release more!  I know Superman is on the way but I would like to see Flash and Hawkman.
5. Revell Batman and Robin- I had these twice and circumstances beyond my control I tossed them.  Would love to have them back one day.
6. Polar Lights Spiderman- Look at that!  It also includes Kraven the Hunter!

7. Revell Superman- The Classic Superman model kit!  So much action him busting down the wall!  I think the new Moebius will be exciting.
8 AMT Star Wars R2D2 van-  Wow...That is so much nostalgia right there!  Hell I would love to do a REAL custom van like this!

9. The planet of the apes boxed set-  I loved those kits as a kid.  Wish the other ones would be re released one day.
10. The Enterprise- What a great kit for back then!  Looks like they are re releasing this one.  Hopefully I find it in Texas. 


  1. OHH! Now I want that bridge set and the Bionic Man set !

    1. Perhaps if a movie is released about the six million dollar man we will see it.