Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wednesday Wishlist- Top 10 books I want!

Oh yeah!  It is Wednesday...Gotta do a wishlist!  These are the top 10 books I am seeking on the cheap whenever I visit Texas etc.

1. Arnold Schwarznegger A portrait-  I read this cover to cover and loved it during my working out era.
2. The Calvin and Hobbes collection!  I WISH I had these.  I laugh out loud at the hijinks Calvin goes through.
3. Rocky Horror Creatures of the night- During my time in Rocky Horror I collected all the books I could find.  This and it's sequel are paramount to get again.
4. The official history of the Friday the 13th films.  It is a must have.  I was there from the beginning.  I even loved the last one.  The only one that is non cannon for me is part 9.  I saw it once and promptly got nude and showered off while the DVD burned in the trashcan.  Utter crap that movie was.
5. ANY old school Dungeons and Dragons books-  I have none. Not even any modules. Am dying for some.  Especially the Monster Manuel.
6. ANY of the old school Hardy Boys books with the blue spine.  They would be great for a rainy day.  None of this new Hardy boy stuff.
7. ANY wrestling biographies- All I have is Roddy Piper's.  It was great but am anxious to read the other ones.  Except the rocks in the lower corner.  I have heard it is just fluff.
8. Watership Down-  Love the movie...Love the book.  I am surprised I haven't found this in Laredo yet at Goodwill.
9. The Batman the animated series book.  How it came about etc.  Still the best Batman cartoon ever made.
10. The Crestwood Monster books-  I cannot believe ME, with a Monster Cafe has none of these.  It is a crying shame I tells ya...Hoping to find at Goodwill.
Bonus!  The Dummies books...I love learning about things.  Now not outdated things like Personal Computer for dummies 1995 edition or anything like that.  But stuff that is always consistent.  I have seen Dummies books on almost every subject.  I bought one at Goodwill recently.  The only one I have...How to adopt a pet.  Has good info in there.


  1. I loved those Hardy Boys books as a kid. I devoured that Detective Guide they put out and basically I suspected everyone around me of murder for many many years. I just had no concrete proof.

    1. If anyone can find the proof....You and your team of the Rebellion Redheads can do it.

  2. I have started collection D&D manuals and modules and its alot of fun reading them, they sure bring back memories...if you can get em do it, its worth it. You cant go wrong with Calvin and Hobbes they are classics. Wrestling books are really interesting...Bret Harts book was a great read. Ric Flair's was good. Arn Andersons was good but too short. Foleys is awesome! Get Harts if you can its long but very informative. I gotta get Piper's that mustve been great!

    1. Piper's was good. Found it for $3!!! He is a really honest wrestler.

  3. My wife used to have all of those Calvin and Hobbies books but for the life of me i can't find them now.

    1. I used to have them TOO! Sold them in the great purge of 2003!