Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wednesday Wishlist-Batman edition

At this time in my collecting habits I am 3 inch figure obsessed!  With DC Collectibles making them now I HOPE they are at mass retail one day.  They said Batman would be their next theme.  With that said....The Top 10 Batman characters I would want!  But not just any top 10 list because if they DID make a Batman multi articulated 3 inch line I am SURE Batman would be in it...I am sure his famous villains would be in it...So no need looking like a dork and requesting them. Do not worry...No fanboy in his right mind would EVER agree with me.  They want overkill of the Joker and friends... This list is the Top 10 obscure Batman villains I would want!
1. Nobody-No...Not Henri Ducard's son...This is the ORIGINAL Nobody!  He was a lowly mailman that nobody noticed.  He was a no body...He became so depressed he murdered people on his mailroute.  He died that issue but it was compelling for me. 
2. The Savage Skull-A serial killer of cops!  He was a cop himself until he was disfigured.  I remember reading the story as a kid and it quite the impact on me.  I have not seen this book since I was 15.
3. The Black Spider-Think of spiderman vs. Batman!  Except without the powers...He was some kind of ninja if I remember.  He MIGHT be on someone's list.  He is a little well known.
4. Black Mask-I know what you are saying....He is already a popular villain.  But this is when Black Mask FIRST made his debut!  I like this look a hell of alot better than the skull look.  I want this gangster Black Mask.
5. The Snowman-Not a traditional Batman villain.  In fact it may be his only appearance.  He is the son of a woman and a Yeti.  COOL!

6. Dr. Phosphorus- He MIGHT be on some peoples lists...He is kinda well known.  How can Batman stop a guy continually on fire?
7. The Squid- He had the potential to be a great Batman gangster.  He talked funny etc.  Too bad Croc killed him early on.
8. Calender Man- Now I know what you are saying...MATT ARE YOU CRAZY?  Yeah I know Calender man is popular...When they CHANGED his character to be some kind of Hannibal Lector sort of thing...I can appreciate that.  But I also like this one.  I love this costume!  I could have both versions of the character.
9. The Nightstalker- He just resonates cool...Plus I am running out of villains from my era that were not TOP villains.

10. The love killer-  This guy kills women with an ax.  Nuff said. 
So that is it.  I know these will never get made but if I ran Hasbro I would get the DC license and make these.  Sure they would be pegwarmers but what the hey...


  1. I'm with you on 2-4, 6, and 10. I'm a huge Batman fan and I do not remember/haven't heard of the others, except Calendar Man who I hate regardless of who's writing him.
    Dr Phosphorus and The Black Spider would make sweet figures.
    I'd throw in Cornelius Stirk and Anarky two of my favorite characters from the Wagner/Grant/Breyfogle era Detective Comics.

    1. Stirk is pretty popular from Knightfall right? I haven't read a Batman comic in ages. I like Anarky too. A teenager with an inkling for rebellion.

    2. I know Stirk from his original two appearances in Detective Comics back in '87 or '88. I didn't bother with Knightfall, because they'd already done the same thing in Blind Justice (also Detective Comics).

  2. My collection currently features zero DC figures.I'm waiting for that perfect 3 3/4 Batman to come along so i can scoop it up ;)The other major players(Superman,Flash Green Lantern etc...) will come after.

    1. There hasn't one been released yet. I am hoping DC Collectibles gets on the ball and does it at mass retail.

  3. I agree that the 30s Gangsterish Black Mask was far superior to the current Pacino-Scarface inspired version.