Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Oh yeah...I was around it and knee deep in it.  The 1989 Batman movie was coming out!  I went to it opening night in 1989.  I was 15 at the time.  There was a long line but my friend Aaron Ford and I got to see it.  WHERE are you Aaron?  Damn I miss ya man!  Anyways...Aaron had something to drink that night and puked right in the middle of the line of Batman.  Someone put a newspaper over it and we kept on moving.  I am SO surprised we were not arrested that night at Perimeter Mall in Atlanta.  Aaron was REALLY drunk.   As we got closer to the entrance we were handed these little brocheures.  FIRST time that had ever happened at a movie and probably the last time in my life.

Believe me...I was hardcore to get all of these items.  Never did though.

 Anyways we got in and I sat captivated.  Aaron passed out around 5 minutes into it.  What most impressed me was the merchandise at the time. 
I never owned the Batcave...

In fact I have never owned ANY Batcave...

They even had buttons which I DID get.
Posters were everywhere.  I had a few of them.  I think they made SO many of these that they still cannot get rid of them.
They even made these fantastic Batman fabric tarps.  I had both of these.
This Batman magazine was the bomb.  Read it till the cover wore off. 
Yup...Even had the Batman keychain.  They had a slew of them back then.  It was a truly magical time to be a Batman fan.  I miss that era alot. 
Even the Batman window cling got made.  It was SO cool!  Batman returns and so on tried to measure up to that first outing but never quite made it. 


  1. I remember the whole batman craze.Wearing anything with a super hero on it as a kid automatically put the "nerd"label on you and that Batman film changed all that.It was considered the style back then to wear anything with a Batman character or Logo on it thanks to that movie.I even had button collar shirts with the Batman logo on them.

    1. It was a great time to be a Batman fan.

  2. That set is cool!! but that window cling is AWESOME!!

    1. They even made a black suited version as well....I prefer the Neil Adams look though.