Sunday, October 28, 2012

Score Sunday- DVD day! The Rider from Mars protocol.

Was out with Wifey doing Monster Cafe kinds of things when I said let's go to Blockbuster....So she happily went.  Picked up three movies on our list.

I am not like other people...I have not seen these but probably will like them.  I usually like everything I blind buy except for the new Clash of the titans movies....These betta be good! 
EDIT since I bought them a few days ago.
Ok...Mission Impossible 4 was terrific!  Great film!  Had a joy watching it as did wifey.  We are on Ghost rider 2 now and the beginning 20 minutes looks like someone shot it with a shaky cam.  Vomit inducing how much it wiggled.


  1. Only saw Ghost Rider SoV and i thought it was great.

    1. Hope the camera man puts down the liquor bottle then!