Sunday, October 21, 2012

Score Sunday- Captain Rogers....NOT America

I have only been collecting the Marvel Universe line for about a year now.  I STILL do not have the main marvel mainstays...No Captain America, No Hulk, No Thor, No Hawkeye etc.  I wish I could find them one day.  But as for now I have to settle for Captain Rogers. 
I have NO idea what this storyline is all about.  Don't tell me...Captain America loses the right to be Captain or something, or he voluntarily gives it up because he is unhappy with the lack of patriotism or whatever other crap Marvel comes up with...

I avoided buying this figure to be honest.  I want a REAL Captain America.  Not some guy with his mask off.  So...In my little Toy universe he is the Main SHIELD agent who bosses around the others. 

Uh oh....He has found the lair of the Red Skull.  What is that Green Skull?  Why is Red Skull so tiny?  Or is Rogers just big?  YOU DECIDE!
Here is Captain Rogers leading the charge of the SHIELD troopers.

He just commands the battlefield!  Yeah, I wish I had a comic book version of Captain America...sigh...


  1. Great figure! I have one myself.

  2. Marvel Universe has overwhelmed me HG.Much like yourself I am mostly interested in the main characters.This line has a way of making you believe that one day you will or have to own every single character in the Marvel Universe and we all now how close to impossible that is.I'll be concentrating my efforts on the 90's Toy Biz line and trading off some of my obscure MU figures for more mainstream characters.

    1. I just hope MU doesn't go away. I like them too much. Even better than Toybiz.

  3. I started collecting MU around May and haven't stopped since! I actually like them better than the Legends figures.