Tuesday, October 16, 2012

New toy Tuesday- The Marvel Universe Gecko!

Well....Walmart FINALLY lowered their prices on the Amazing spiderman figures.  They were around $16 a piece when they first came out.  Now they were around $8.  So I bought the Lizard and the multi poseable Spiderman. 
Well....The lizard falls a little short...

The one on the left LOOKS awesome and a figure I have had for some time.  The movie version well...Let's just say there is a new villain in the Spiderman universe.  The Gecko!  A teenage scienctist injects himself with some gecko crap and turns into this.  Hey comics did it for the Iguana and Stegron right?  Why not a gecko?  So that is what I am calling the midget Lizard...

The spiderman is a giant compared to the real version.  So......Another clone of the Jackyl he will be in my universe.  Kudos to walmart for lowering their prices once in a blue moon!


  1. I never really dug the movie stuff and while I'm still on the look out for a solid Spidey figure these movie versions don't do it for me.Maybe I'll be more inclined to pick something up after watching the film.