Tuesday, October 30, 2012

New Toy Tuesday-The FIRST

When the Incredible Hulk TV show was airing they came out with an episode in the fourth season called the First.  It was about an old man who first became the Hulk.  He was a werewolf type hulk guy.  Very scary looking.
He scared me so bad as a kid.  This was in 1981 mind you.  It has stuck with me since.  I love having all of the seasons on DVD now.  Anyways so I do not have a Hulk figure as of yet in the Marvel universe line and am awaiting for Saltillo to get off it's tocus and get one here.  So I have to make due.  With that said my THE FIRST is this figure...
Yeah I know...It is just Blanka from Street Fighter.  I know NOTHING about SF so I won't bother.  I am using this cat in my Marvel universe.  So the FIRST wildly becomes the creature and bounds from his hillbilly town to....

The Savage land!  Oh oh....Watch out FIRST, here comes a Veliciraptor about to try to take a chunk outta your hide.  With strength like the Hulk though I do not think it will be a problem.