Monday, October 15, 2012

Memory Monday- In space no one can hear you scream.

I am a child of the seventies.  One time in 1979 Dad and his girlfriend Priscilla...We all went to the movies.  I was put in 101 Dalmations or some lame movie like that and the happy couple went to see Alien.  We had NO idea what it was about.  I was 7 at the time.  My movie was an hour long or so.  Afterwards I went into their movie.  What I saw on the screen was a little scary.  It was the part where Parker was being killed.  Blood is in his mouth and he is screaming "Move out of the way".  Dad turned and saw me standing in the aisle and yelled at me to get out of there.  I had to sit in the lobby for the next 40 minutes or so...Now in Dad's defense he didn't want me looking at scary images.  He was doing it out of love. 
This is the exact same theater I saw the part of Parker in...On Buford Highway in Georgia.  As you can see it is now a porno theater.  How long before ALL my  childhood haunts become well....haunted.  Anyways cue a few months later and Dad buys me this...
Yeah I had the 18 inch Alien figure.  It was awesome!  Priscilla the girlfriend would get so scared at it though that she used to throw a towel over it everynight!  When we moved from the house two years later she convinced my father to leave it behind without me knowing...Arghhh!  Now the toy is worth $500.....Should I ask her for that?  LOL
So cue 1986,  I am in a different theater...A little more grown up and I spot this standee.  It did NOT have a title on it.  Just eggs.  I knew what it was.  This was before the age of internet.  I called Dad from the movie theater I was so excited.  I told him Alien 2 was on the way.  He got excited over the phone too.  I really had no idea if it were Alien 2 or not.  I let my excitement get the best of me.  Turns out it was though.
So cue 1992.  I find ALIEN figures in the stores!  Why didn't they have them out when the frickin movie was out?  Never found the Queen pictured above....But I did find....
The human aliens...Bishop is some kind of Terminator....Apone has a cybernetic arm.  Um....Ok....I bought them anyways.  I do not have them today though.  A girlfriend I dated obsconded with many of my toys for her kid.  Namely my entire Jurassic Park collection and the Aliens.  There may have been more.  I have forgotten over time.
Then in 93 Alien 3 came out and for me at the time, sucked....So with Alien 4 etc.  Now don't shoot me....But I liked the Alien vs. Predator films.  Both of them.  So that is my Alien memory.  I have 1-3 on DVD as I have come to appreciate the 3rd one now in my old age.  I have already blogged before how I wish Hasbro would do an entire 3 inch Alien line.  Complete with LD426 battle playset.


  1. Alien was a great movie as was the follow up.

  2. Gotta love that sign "Giant Movie Theater Screens"....haven't thought about Aleins 2 in a while...may have to watch that again.

    1. It is awesome! I know most of the dialog.

  3. Great find!

    Hey... wait a minute! I know that red wall and table!