Monday, October 8, 2012

Memory Monday: Break out the tomahawks!

In 1983 the closest thing I came to loving sports was the Braves!  I have since hated everything to do with sports but back then it was great!  I watched all the games and even collected Topps Baseball cards~  What I really wanted was my beloved Atlanta Braves though.  I have NONE of these cards today though.  Living in Mexico sure does suck the fun out of collecting doesn't it?  But here are some of my favorites...
He was the Braves relief pitcher when I was watching.  Outstanding.  Won a Cy Young award I believe.

Second base....Could always rely on Glenn Hubbard.

Igual for first base.  Although i never went first base with him...LOL
3rd Base was covered by Bob Horner.
I remember my father always yelling at the TV whenever Garber would pitch.  He always seemed to screw things up.  He did have the WEIRDEST pitching style.  He would totally turn his body back to the catcher to look at 2nd base...EVEN when there was no one ON second base.

Ah Joe Torre...Who would go on to get the Yankees their wins as well.

My favorite had to be Dale Murphy.  He just exuded the All American look! 
I have never liked another sport since then....Well, if you consider the WWF as a sport...


  1. I have a few Dale Murphy's HG and this one may be one of them.I still have tons of Baseball cards and am seriously thinking about getting back into the hobby with all the great young talent ushering into the majors these last couple of years.Baseball cards were so simple back then compared to what they look like today.

    1. Yeah they were. I just really enjoy Topps 1983 style. Never cared for other years.