Monday, October 1, 2012

Memory Monday: Atari 2600 system

That is right...They have made their way after all these years down to ole Mexico!  AND I am thinking about getting some for nostalgia purposes.   Atari, Nintendo, and Sega have arrived at some of the flea markets!!!
Yeah I was around back then.  Late seventies.  Dad had gotten me the Atari gaming system.  Was SO much fun!  Look at those boxes!  It is dripping with memories.

Some of the games have made their way down to Mexico.  Would love to pick some up but am leary if the game would work or not. 

Raiders of the lost ark.  I could NEVER beat this darn thing.  I have seen how to do it now after watching it on Youtube...Boy the graphics sure do stink on this thing.

Gigi's pizza is where I discovered Space Invaders.  Love it to this day.  The Atari 2600 blows the real arcade one out of the water!

I understand there is an emulator system that lets one play these PLUS Super nintendo, regular nintendo and sega genesis.  Some kind of new gaming consol.  Does anyone know the name of it?

Even Coleco got into the act!  They made many 2600 games for the Atari system.


  1. I need to bite the bullet and buy one of these as well - Pitfall is my favorite ame of all time!

    1. I do have the Playstation Activision game with most of them on it but having the real thing always is better.