Monday, October 29, 2012

League Assignment- OR NOT....Monday edition

Hmm....The one Monday I do not prepare a Memory Monday post because I was breathlessly awaiting a league topic and it is CLOSED for today!  Dag rabbit rabbit rabbit....So I gotta come up with a memory Monday or some other topic here.  With that said....

I know some of you might not remember I had my art guy create me a little art about a year ago.  Here it is...
I plan to hang it over my Dungeons and Dragons collection....IF I ever get one....
So I am commissioning him to make me something new....

I am making my first and probably one and only for me...DC comics sign.  I plan to hang it above my DC comics collection one day...IF I ever get one....Now this sign should be ready in about 2 months if I am lucky so I will post the results then.  I am so happy with the Dungeon sign so it was time to do another one.  Now you may ask....Hobby is a Marvelite so why start with DC?  Because I cannot make up my frickin mind what Marvel heads I want!  I am limited to 12.  Arghhh.....I am trying to focus my Marvel sign to the seventies but with 12 I want to represent ALL the comics of then.  Tough to do right?  But I will cross that bridge when I come to it.  After this sign is completed. 
So the question is....Of the 12 heads above.  Should I swap out any?  I think having Batgirl AND Robin in there is redundant if I have Batman already.  So who would you guys replace them with.  I know Kal will say there is always room for Batgirl.


  1. Batgirl is never redundant...but that is my own bias. You can't swing a cat without hitting a Robin these days but a redheaded batgirl is a rare and beautiful things these days.

    1. Yeah I didn't erase her. I am doing the sign as is...My sculpter said it would be around 1 maybe 2 months to finish.

  2. Love the sign! Get yourself to gettin D&D books!!! You'll love em !!!