Thursday, October 25, 2012


It is Friday...Freaky Friday where I talk about something weird and wild.  This week is a beloved film called the Rocky Horror picture show.  Way back in 1991 my girlfriend at the time ....this girl....Aimee McQuaig. 
Yeah her parents took us to see the Rocky Horror picture show in Atlanta.  After the show I ran down when they offered for anyone to join the cast.  Now take in mind I am a pretty conservative kinda guy.  It is NOT like me to just join something like this.  But the movie called out to me.  The songs were wonderful.  There was an indescribible energy I just HAD to be apart of...It captured me and pulled me in.  I made lifelong friends from it until I became a staunch Christian in 1994.  Oh well.

I got the T shirt!  Great shirt.  Wifey has one too.

Got Tim Curry's autograph hanging proudly in the Monster Cafe...

Oh yeah...I got the Rocky Horror tattoo.  Am I hardcore or what?
I got the double DVD of it with Shock treatment!

Yeah...I was in a cast too.  Lord have mercy.  I was pretty much exclusively Rocky.  I played Dr. Frankenfurter ONE time at college.  I was born for that role too.

There is my EX friend Damian as FrankNFurtur.  Notice how badass I am...My first day of college and what is that behind me?  The 1990 anniversary poster!

Well I also played Frank...At the American Academy of Dramatic Arts.  I was a little buff then but I got double A's by the teacher for my performance.  I also joined the original cast in New York for around a year back in 2000.  That was really great working with the people that basically started it.  I felt it a great honor to be included in the founders of Rocky Horror.
Here is another picture of me as Frank from AADA.  I actually sang sweet transvestite.

Great times.  I have realized something over the years.  I would SO join a cast today if my wife would let me.  And if I had the time to do it.  And I was in a little better shape. I really liked doing Rocky Horror.  I love horror movies and all the things that go with Rocky Horror.  The commraderie etc. It was like a small family.  But alas...I am much older now.  And live fulltime in Mexico.  


  1. awwwww. Look how young we are! ah memories.
    <3 Damion

    1. Oh I've been young and beautiful...Never the twain have met.

  2. It's been a long time since I've thought about Rocky Horror ... I must break it out to watch. It's nice that you still have pictures from that time in your life, nice memories.
    BTW, that's a pretty cool blog you got there ... I will have to check in from time to time to see what you are thinking!