Thursday, October 11, 2012

Controversial Thursday: Without couth in Monster Cafe

Running a bar has it's ups and downs no doubt.  One runs into many problems.  One also runs into especially in this city a lack of education.  But as I understand it the same things are common back in my home town of Atlanta.  This is not to condemn the whole city mind you. But some People are frickin morons.  But this is my blog and this IS Controversial Thursday where it is no holds barred and someone is going to get offended.
So here we go........
Seems like a pretty ordinary picture doesn't it?  Young couple enjoying a meal...Oh what is that?  What is on her plate?  Is that some kind of new Monster Cafe dish?  No?  That is RIGHT!  This ASSHAT brings OUTSIDE food into MY restaurant and proceeds to use MY plate to eat it.  Look lady...This is NOT a  park where one can do that in.  You cannot bring outside food into a restaurant.  See what I mean? 
Let's take a look at the next bozos...
I was a waiter in Atlanta AND New York for several years and only one time has someone not left me a tip.  Expand the photo.  Behind the white truck a group of kids are leaving...Without tipping my waiter.  That BURNS me up in this city.  I see more of that than I can care to admit.  But the Mexican people are so humble.  My waiters have never complained.  I am truly awed at that.  I would be throwing protests behind people that stiffed me for sure if it were I waiting on them.  You don't want to tip?  Go to Mcdonald's where you don't have to.  Do not come to a classy place like this and play that crap.  Don't go anywhere..... We got more couthless individuals featured...
The table with the pink girl at it.  Oblivious to EVERYONE around them on ASSHAT decides to turn up some Spanish Mariachi tunes on his phone and blasts it.  Does NOT care about the people sitting around them enjoying Monster Cafe music....These people wanted THEIR music.  Didn't ask permission, just did it.  Incredulous is hardly the word I would use.  I almost asked them to turn it off but I decided to let peace reign.
 And lastly...Now this is not my promotion ad, I just googled one.  We do have 2 buy 1 beer sometimes.  The messege behind the promotion should be obvious to anyone.  Use the promotion but order food too to be nice. It is the restaurant's way of helping out the customer. How is that working here in Monster Cafe?  Not good.  Most of the time the cheapskates come into RAID the promotion and never order anything to eat.  They walk away with a belly full of beer.  The promotion should never be abused like that.  Sadly lack of an education is prevalent here.  Just for the record whenever I go to a restaurant I ALWAYS get something to eat.  Never have I just had beer and left the place.  Must be some serious alcoholics running around to do all of that.
So that is it.  Feel free to comment if you disagree or whatever!


  1. I guess things like this go with the territory HG.I've been at a McDonalds before and witnessed someone walk in with a Burger King bag LOL.Not cool :(

    1. I know they do...But hey it is controversial Thursday. Gotta complain about something...

  2. That sucks. I have never had a job where I had to work with the was always behind the scene. I would have to say something because I can be just as much of an asshole as the people that do that stuff. lol
    I was a cook from 1999 to 2005....and luckily never ever had any problems. Even when I was working for the bar and grills...but never...ever could I work out in the dining room. I would strangle someone, and that's not good for business. lol

    1. Unless you could strangle them and them serve them up right nice as mystery stew...