Thursday, October 4, 2012

Controversial Thursday: More things that bug me...

Or as we call it around here....Asshattery....Controversial Thursday is the day where I piss off someone.  It is usually personal things that bug me or that outright piss me off.  I give three examples today...
Asshats that bring signs to public events hoping they will be on TV.  They do not care that they block someone sitting behind them that paid the same money that they did only to not be able to see all of the show because of the sign bully.  Grow up!  If you need a sign on TV to feel good about yourself, you need psychiatric help.

This one goes out to various age groups.  ASSHAT!  Just remember you are not the ONLY one at the grocery store!  I usually let out a honk honk noise to get their attention that they are blocking the entire path.

People that drive the wrong way in a parking lot.  Yeah asshat I am talking to you.  See the lines are painted for a REASON! 


  1. Excellent! We need to unite against the ass-hats, man.

  2. Oh, I agree with those and have to add people who just freaking walk off the sidewalk and into traffic, as if some magic forcefield is going to keep them safe. Annoys me to no end.

  3. HA are in rare form today my friend. I just hate when my feet get cold or when old ladies take forever in front of me at the checkout line.

  4. How about the ASSHATS that open a door, know you are right behind em, and then dart through it leaving it closing in your face at an angle that would crack your skull if you didnt pay attention!! ASSHATS!!!

    1. I got more coming on Thursdays....Next Thursday will be a doozy!