Thursday, October 25, 2012

Controversial Thursday: Halloween edition...

Yeah  it is controversial Thursday where someone gets pissed off after I do....This month October is Halloween.   I am a huge fan of Halloween as evidenced by my Monster Cafe.  I love it.  I eat it up.  So this particular asshattery might seem a little harsh to people out there....But that is what Thursdays are all about.  So what gets under my skin?

This....How in the world could these normal  kids get under my skin you ask?  It is because they come like this to receive candy on Halloween....DRESSED EXACTLY LIKE THE PICTURES ABOVE!!!!  Saltillo is NOT dirt assed poor.  Believe me.  We all don't live in mud huts and drink dirty water.  They have a Walmart, Mcdonalds, a huge mall, Chilis, Applebees etc here.  So when these kinds of kids come up to my door for Halloween candy and do not wear Halloween costumes...It pisses me off.  Many times I tell them no, I have nothing for them.  They could AT LEAST get some plastic vampire teeth and a little red fake blood on them....
More Asshattery....Guys listen. It is close to Halloween now and you guys want to be out on the town etc...I know I have a Monster themed bar and all but is it REALLY necessary to pee all over the floor at Monster Cafe?  Do you do this ALL over the floor at your houses?  I mean it is disgusting!  Can't you aim your rod and hit the hole?  Even when you are liquored up?  I notice alot of the teenage girls are already knocked up roaming the streets of Saltillo so obviously you hit SOMETHING with them...Just not the floor or the seat por favor!
And try not to piss on the side of the Catholic Church across the street that I see SO many of you do.  I mean I am not religious anymore but hell...Most people in Mexico ARE Catholic.  Pissing on the church is going to piss off someone that sees you.
I know the latest fashions from New York are not here  but really...the Rat Tail?  Come on guys.  You do NOT look cool.  I mean heck this is 2012!  Rat Tails went out with Billy Ray Cyrus in 1986 for Blasted sake! 
Hey you!  Yeah you Asshat! I am talking to you girl.  The one in the blue plaid shirt.  There is a FRICKING ashtray RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU!  Stop flicking your asshat ashes on the ground!  Dirtying up my roof.  
And that is that.  Asshattery SO close to Halloween.  I wonder will Controversial Thursday ever be about something positive?  Well it wouldn't be controversial thursday then would it?

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