Thursday, October 18, 2012

Controversial Thursday-Ass switches...

Yeah what a weird title....I am talking here about asshats that switch....What is that you ask?
Some asshat switched a Evan Bourne figure with a Christian...

Same with Heath Slator and Ezekial Jackson....
Now I live in Mexico.. and do not get to catch these ones....But If I am ever in the states at a Toys R Us or whatever and I see it...I have no qualms about alerting the sales people.  I will turn you in.
I do not understand how these frumpy dumpy people at retail stores CANNOT look what is in the package to tell if someone is potentially ripping them off.  I mean hell....They should be looking at ALL returns like this...
They should REALLY take more care of their boss!  Train your employees to KNOW what they are selling in the store.  Common sense right?


  1. Replies
    1. Little bastards should be caught and hungup by their buster browns!

  2. :(
    Wal-mart used to have a no questions asked return policy. It's things like this...that made them do away with it. It's hard as hell to take something back if you have opened it now.

    1. The little bastards ruin it for everyone!