Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Wishlist Wednesday: I vanna vork aut!

When I was a lad of old I fell in love with the movie Pumping Iron and the whole bodybuilding culture.  I was around 17 when this happened.  I originally started working out to counter a bully at school but I changed schools soon after but kept the workouts going.  Arnold S was awesome to me!  Yeah I refuse to type out Schwarzenegger....Ooops I just did...Anyways I thought that if I ever got rich then I would want my own gym someday.  Because I HATE the smell of gyms and  with people occupying machines that have no earthly idea what they are doing but they are paying money so they figure they jump on a machine and do something.  We have a metal guy here in Mexico that can make ANYTHING for a fraction of the cost. So here it is.  My top 10 wishlist of equipment I will make someday. 
1. Ab coaster-This ab machine works your lower abs.  I have never seen a machine that could do it so well!  I think I would get rid of that lower gut SO fast with this thing.

2. The wrist curl.  I like my forearms the size of popeye.  With this thing one could do that pretty quickly.
3. The Smith machine- Kind of a do it all machine.  Upper lower and mid pec workouts.  Bicep curls etc.

4. The bicep machine- Speaking of curling ones biceps...This machine acts like a preacher curl machine.  I would make my handles just a little bit longer because I can go around the front of the machine and use it as a tricep press.  AWESOME workout!
5. Stretch leg-  Oh yeah.  I  can barely touch my toes.  That is not because I am fat mind you but it is because I have poor stretching ability.  This machine would go a long ways in helping me in that department.
6- The pec deck- You can work the middle of the chest and rear delts.  Hopefully after awhile you´ll look like the dude in the pic.  Man I DO want his hair.

7- Back machine row-  The gif shows what it does.

8. The seated calf- Sounds like a hitchcock movie...But in reality the seated calf machine works the middle part of the calf.  I like it.
9. The standing calf- I like my calfs to look huge.  What can I say?

10. Teeter hangup 950-  Yeah this one is about to be a reality.   As I write this we hope to buy one in the next few days.  Oops...Amendment....Why?  We just bought it today babies!  WHOOO!  And it was $100 cheaper than we thought!
 It works like a wonder!!!  I highly recommend it.


  1. I'm considering #10 myself. Everyone that I know that has one raves about it!

    1. I had a pinched nerve or a muscle spasm in my back that sometimes made it uncomfortable to sleep. Rarely but it was still there. This Teeter hangup has taken care of it.