Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Wednesday wishlist... TRILOGIES!

Yes it will be a weird week as this one will be about trilogies!  Or movies that SHOULD have been trilogies!  Cannot help it.  I am a trinity sort of guy.  I like trilogies because they are complete in my eyes.  So my top 10 lists for movies that SHOULD have been trilogies!!!  I love trilogies...Godfather, the Mummy movies etc.
1. Airplane!  I love the first two movies although the Zucker bros had nothing to do with the sequel but man was it good.  This deserved a third part!  It is number one on my list for a reason!  I STILL laugh all these years later.

2. Fantastic Four- Yeah I am a Marvelite.  Everyone hated this series but again I buck the trend.  I liked it.  Would I have prefered a normal Galactus and not a cloud?  Sure I would have.  Not sure why the producers let it get on without it especially in this day and age of digital effects.

3. Fletch- If you are not a Fletch fan then leave this blog!  I then can run off the only two people that actually read it.  No really I love Fletch!  Chase´s comic timing with the sarcastic insults just warmed my cockles...

4. F/X- These movies were awesome!  Great special effects and good acting.  Good stuff.  Should have had a third part!  It gave Bryan Brown something to do other than play second fiddle to Tom Cruise´s Cocktail movie which he stole the show by the way!

5. Grease- Good musical.  The first one of course and also the second one.  Songs you could really sing along to!  They play them on Mexican Saltillo radio all the time.  Go figure!

6. Grumpy Old Men- These movies are like comfort food to me. I could see myself in my retirement years living like these guys.  Chasing after old gals, fishing, and drinking beer.  The two stars decided to do the crapfest that was Out to Sea instead of a third one.  Bad move!  It could´ve been great!  Now both stars are dead.

7. Yes should have been a trilogy.  Scott should have come back for the third one.  The second one sure was BLAH!

8. Hot shots- Laughed like heck at this movie and it´s sequel!  Great times.  Favorite is when Sheen and son pass each other on the boat.

9. Conan- Reis over at DorkHorde would appreciate this one.  It needed to be a trilogy.  Arnold WAS Conan.  Not that new namby pampy Momoa kid.  Arnold had it.  He was chiseled out of granite.

10. Speed- Yes speed.  The first movie is a classic and while many people hated the second one because of a lack of Keanu.  Well, I think it rocks.

Bonus- 48 hours.  Sheer comic genius.  Should have been a trilogy too.
Are there any I missed?


  1. Great list! Putting in my own two cents, I would like to see a third Pet Semetary, King Kong (yes, there was a part two in "King Kong Lives"), and Ghostbusters (get with the program, Murray!).

    1. Thanks for your continued Support Dan! NEVER thought about Ghostbusters 3...DOH!

  2. Fletch? I had damage done to the part of my brain that is suppose to find Chevy Chase funny. I am incapable of that emotion. He is just sad but not in an entertaining way. I know that makes me the Devil but we all can't like everything everyone likes all the time. I am sure I have several things you would hate despite my love for them.

    1. I have the same problem with Mike Myers...Weird huh?