Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wednesday Wishlist! 3.75 FEVER!

I got a fever....And the only prescription is more.....Nah, not Cowbell....It is MORE 3.75 FIGURES!  I need more!  MORE MORE MORE!  Got the picture?  And I am not talking about the DC Infinite Heroes kind of crap...I am talking Marvel universe style!  So here is my top 10 list of 3.75 figures that SHOULD be made!!!

1. DC!  Now as I understand it DC Collectibles made the above AWESOME Green Lantern playset and if they sell alot then the Batcave is on the horizon!  But the bottom picture shows some of the same problem that Infinite Heroes had.  SCALE!  Geez we need to buy DC some rulers for crying out loud!  But If they do fix all of this...IMAGINE!  Marvel vs. DC!  I have NO idea who those GL guys are so make the mainstays first please. 

2. ALIEN!  Now I am not just talking about the Xenomorph here...I want them all!  Queen, Facehugger, Warrior, Dog Alien, Egg you name it...But I wouldn´t stop there!  Imagine the entire Nostromo crew and the Galactic Marines.  We have seen what McFartlane is capable of with the Halo line.  I want it all like Marvel Universe though!  Same articulation!  Think of the playsets!!!  The Queen´s hive, The Marine´s truck!  The Dinner scene.  WOW!  All in 3 inch scale.  Now I know the ORIGINAL Alien line is coming out but let´s face it.  It has the same crap articulation as the original Star Wars figures.
3. Megaforce!  And this is not because it is finally coming to DVD.  I chose it because it has COOL vehicles!  That is pretty much it.

4. Robocop!  Oh man...SO frickin awesome!  You have alot of robots to do and the cops and crooks.  The mutant guy that had the toxic waste poured on him.  GOOD possibilities!
5. Dungeons and Dragons-  I think all my the toy bloggers out there had these as a kid.  I had even the rubber ones.  Now imagine all of that in 3 inch goodness.  Dragons,  Dungeon playsets, the list is endless!
6. Clash of the Titans- This kind of goes with the last one.  I loved these toys as a kid.  Wish they would have some in the 3 inch scale.  But you even have the new movies that are out full of creature goodness!
7. Universal and all kinds of monsters-   Imagine the playsets!  Graveyards, the works.

8. King Kong-Not only King kong but the other creatures on the island!  Dinosaurs, giant bugs, etc.
9. Heman-  Oh yeah!  There are so many characters and so many unusual monsters that would look awesome in the 3 inch scale.  Greyskull, Eternia, Snake Mountain playsets!

10. Friday the 13th- This is my blog and my wishlist.  With that said I know these would never be made but what the hey.  Imagine the playsets!  Cabins, Jason´s shack!  The counselors etc.  They could have an action feature the way they got killed in the movie etc..


  1. There is a 3 3/4" JASON VOORHEES and the aliens are on there way.

    1. Brother, ya gotta read the description!

    2. I dont mean those throwback retro Aliens figures I mean the Revoltech Aliens ,the right scale super articulated and all the different types are to be released.

    3. Ok Brothermidnight...I am ignorant of those. And I thought i knew everything...;)

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    1. Thanks so much! I am sure people have other thoughts out there.