Sunday, September 2, 2012

Score Sunday Return of the Joker...and toys!

Yup.  Finally got around to owning this.  I have Batman Beyond seasons 2 and 3 on DVD...Have yet to find season one yet but hey....This was a good movie.  So creepy with little Joker.  I will not spoil it for those that have not seen it yet.
Oops....Yeah I´ll spoil it.  It has been out for years anyways!  Joker imprints his DNA on Tim Drake early in his young life.  SO creepy seeing Robin be the Joker´s kid....

Joker even finds out that Bruce Wayne is Batman!  Lots of neat stuff in this DVD.
The creators even said in the DVD commentary that he was drawing Hannibal Lector and put a Joker face on him.  The slicked back hair etc.  Whoa!

Also picked up Blastaar!  WHOA!  I had to struggle between buying him or the variant with the orange hands but I chose this one instead.  Why?  Well Blastaar isn´t ALWAYS shooting his hands off....What if I wanted him to pilot a ship?  He couldn´t do it if he were about to blow it up all the time now could I?  I have no fond memories of Blastaar.  Wasn´t reading early FF or the Avengers much.  All I know is that he was a king in the Phantom Zone...Oops, the Negative Zone.  Freudian slip there.  Do I see an invasion by him in my playtime?  You betcha!

I also got the Sentinel of the spaceways The Silver Surfer!  I couldn´t believe my luck that a series one Marvel Universe was just sitting on the shelf with the current ones.  I didn´t have him yet so I snagged him right up!  So I only have one Sentinel of the spaceways....RIGHT Antwan? ;)
I never read the Surfer in his own book.  I did catch him later when I had Essential Silver Surfer one and read it but I have since sold it.  Big mistake I know... My fondest memory of him is in the Infinity Gauntlet where he races light years to catch Thanos offguard and grab the Infinity Gauntlet but he MISSED!  But What If he didn´t?  Oh, I got that covered too...
Marvel even did a What If issue where the Surfer gets that Gauntlet in that attempt.  He becomes a nice God and turns the Earth into a paradise free from suffering etc.  But Dr. Strange and crew were still not happy with THAT outcome and try to wrest the gauntlet from Surfer´s grasp too.  Now I can re enact that scene...Oops....Darn.  I do not have the MU Thanos nor his Infinity Gauntlet.  Oh well.  Here is too searching for it someday.


  1. The Marvel Select Thanos comes with the Infinity Gauntlet and Death Figure with TWO FACES. Thanos had the Universe in his hands but as with most Marvel Mega Villains he just couldn't put the ball into the cup. And he sure made a lot of proclamations that never did come true. Can't one of these guys win for once and we live with the consequences for awhile. I know a mini-series was never going to shut down a Corporation but it would have been nice to see Marvel go away for a week after that.

  2. Agreed! Miniseries need to have consequences. They could have ran with that for 6 months. The aftermath of Thanos killing everyone. I know about the MArvel Select but I want the smaller MU version.

  3. You're 3 3/4 universe is quickly amassing Hobgoblin!Love the Silver Surfer;)

    1. It has been a slow ride my friend...But I am getting there.