Saturday, September 15, 2012

Score Sunday: The league of shadows!

Well I finally have my army build of the League of Shadows!  Remember my limit is four or five.  No more than that.  Why?  Because I do not want to be a douchebag.  So....I thought I would not be able to finish them.  I thought all hope was lost.  But a chance stop at Aurora confirmed otherwise...
Yes I KNOW that they are some guy named Noob from Mortal Kombat...What kind of a name is Noob except he might be a newbie....Kind of a sissy name.  Well anyways I use them as the League of Shadows as shown in Batman the animated series. 
 Then they were used in Batman begins. 
I think the Mortal Kombat Noob figure is absolutely perfect to use as them.  I mean their eyes are white as they were in Batman Begins!  Too cool!

Here they are attacking Batman on a rooftop.  The base is a Spiderman lamp my lovely wife got me for our anniversary but just ignore it...Pretend it is a marketing device for showcasing Spiderman the movie or something.  As always just click on the pic for a bigger scene of what is going on.

You can see Batman has knocked one out and he hangs on the precipice....Will our Dark Knight survive the other three?  YOU DECIDE!
Now we need a three incher of Ra´s Al Ghul and his manservant.