Sunday, September 30, 2012

Score Sunday If I were a rich man...

Yeah I have found out that no one reads Sunday.  Heck I didn't even get a comment for last Sunday!  So....I will talk about something I like but most would find boring.  Especially my fellow toy bloggers.  I got this the other day.

Yes....To find this in Mexico is rare indeed.  A movie about a jewish family.  My second mother introduced me to this movie when I was a kid in 1978.  We bought the record and sang it around the house whenever I visited her.  Oh how I cherish those times.

I am sure all of us have sang If I were a rich man at one time or another.  Topol does a great job as Tevye.  Wifey and I although being of two separate cultures could really appreciate the film.  The prejudices that they experienced.  Being a white american guy in Saltillo, I get weird looks everyday.
I am so glad we do not live in those times anymore.  Where matchmaking was common.  My wife and I chose each other.  We didn't have to learn to love, we have done so throughout our time together.  I highly recommend this movie!  Watch it with a loved one if ya can.


  1. My family sings songs from this movie sometimes.

    1. I find myself doing it in our empty cafe before we open!

  2. I have a deep love for this film.

  3. It's one of my favorite musicals. The woman in charge of the actors at the Haunted Hay Ride I work at was singing "match maker" on Saturday because two of the employees have been dating during the off season after being on the same scene last year.