Saturday, September 1, 2012

Score Saturday Professor Javier!

Yeah....My wifey calls Professor Xavier Professor Javier....Oh yeah!  I gotta tell ya....I am a Marvel Universe freak.  Not just the new 3 inch figures that are compatible with GI Joe, Star Wars, and Indiana Jones etc.  I have explained before on this blog that I got into them with Amazing Spiderman 214 in 1980.  Stayed with them until 1998 when comics just got too darn expensive.  The last arc I read was Bastian vs. the Xmen.  Great story with Nimrod being human etc.  BUT I moved to Mexico in 2006 to start a new life after my father passed away.  It was not easy leaving my culture, language, and customs of the U.S.  I thought I was over toys and would not be collecting ever again. Only WWF toys of course. So I missed MU Hasbro when they first came out in 2009.  Besides I was so busy making the cafe I had no time for anything else.  They started to show up here in Saltillo in 2011.  They were $18 dollars apiece!!!  Outrageous!  I could never collect them with those prices.  Then in late 2011 I was just looking around in the toy stores when the price suddenly dropped.   79 pesos which is like $6 dollars.  I weighed back and forth what I should do.  I bought 4 Multiple Man, 1 Wolverine, and 1 Colossus.  After playing with them a bit I was hooked.  Then I started buying Star Wars again after not having a Star Wars toy since 1982!  WOW!  The articulation of today!  The style of the figures....WISH I had these when Star Wars was first out!  I just really hate Mexican prices on these things.  HEB is the worst criminals in Saltillo when it comes to pricing toys.  Soriana comes in second.  The BEST so far is Aurora.  It equals out to around $11 per figure.  So with all that boring expository stuff now out of the way....It is Score Saturday time!
I needed something XMen like to post them against.  Taking a cue from Tony at Action figs and things I think I found the something I wanted.  This is the labratory at Monster Cafe.  I got Wolverine up top fixing something.

  • I put Colossus doing something.  Not quite sure what but holding something.
 Xavier is looking on.  I am imagining them in the Danger room.

Professor X and Iceman look on.
So this is my meager little Xmen group.  I am missing Gambit, Cyclops, Storm, Jean, Beast, Angel, Archangel you name it.  But it is a good start.
Fondest Professor X memory has to be.....
Professor X was infected by the Brood.  The marvel universe version of Aliens....he DIED!  He was cloned in another body by the Shiar in a later issue.  This is coming from memory mind you so I might have it wrong.


  1. Way ta improvise H.G.!That 3 3/4 Prof looks awesome as does the translucent Ice-Man.I recently "recovered" my 6" Professor X movie figure from a bunch of stuff I had given my nephew about 11 years ago.He still had them in their original package and wasn't doing anything with them and decided to give them back!It's a long story but I'll be posting about it soon.

    1. Thanks so much! Looking forward to your post!

  2. It is weird how both of us blogged about Xavier today. It was almost like he wanted us to. I like how you displayed everything, looks awesome.


    1. I am trying my hand at photos. It is a new experience for me. I have a CRAPPY digital camera from 2003 that I am using. I barely know anything.

  3. That's such a nice figure. I really hope to find one at some point.