Friday, September 14, 2012

Score Saturday! Midget Batman...

Hello all!  It is Score Saturday and we have to showcase the infinite heroes Batman figure....Thought he was GREAT until I started matching him up against Spiderman etc. from the Marvel Universe line...He comes up a little short.  Like Danny Devito kind of short.  Here I have him photographed in the Monster Cafe against King Kong´s New York skyline...
I think the first shot came off better than the second one below.  But hey...

I am a Batman fan for sure.  I was in the front of the  line for Batman  movies 1-4 on opening day.  After Batman and Robin left a sour taste in my mouth I couldn´t do another one.  I missed the Infinite heroes line because I have been living in Mexico and I missed it´s debut.  Found this little guy at the comic shop in Texas.  Now playing around with him vs. a Marvel Universe figure...Well....There is just no comparison.  Limited articulation...Ok I will say it...
DC REALLY needs to come out with a MU like figure that is 3 inches! 
One of my favorite Batman issues is issue 400! 
In the issue Ra´s Al Ghul breaks all of Batman´s villains out of Arkham...Hmm...Sound familiar?

Ghul hangs all of the bad guys suits on trees right out side the jail and they suit up and go to work.
But the first time Batman had help with Robin, Huntress you name it.  He takes down all of them.  Even the Cavalier.  Bane did it better a hundred issues later.  Well....97 issues later if you are actually counting.


  1. I don't mind the Infinite Heroes to be honest. : )

    1. If they had more articulation and a little taller....To match MU...I would love them.

  2. I have yet to add a Bat Man to my collection Hobgoblin,and it's pretty much for the same reason you pointed out.That limited leg articulation kills it for me.I love to put my action figures in battle stances and you just can't do that with this sort of articulation.You could probably pull off a mean running pose,though ;)Of all the 3 3/4 ones I've seen this one looks decent.

    1. I am hoping and praying for DC Collectibles to come out with definitive versions.