Tuesday, September 25, 2012

New toy Tuesday! Submariner´s underwater kingdom

This blog post will be rather short.  Like Namor´s short shorts...With that said....First up is my first and one of only two Namor memories....
Namor believes Spiderman and the fishing crew are trying to attack his underwater kingdom.  They fight which leads to the creation of HydroMan!  Awesome....But then Namor is again featured a few issues later...
He and Spidey exchange powers!

So I finally have the Sub Mariner!  Oh yeah!  Things are getting real now!  SLOWLY my Marvel Universe collection is growing.


  1. Nice!I remember having water-based character action figures as a kid but being very reluctant to ever submerge them in water for fear of damaging them.Yup,I was that kid.

  2. We got Namor not too long ago but Isaac is not a fan.

  3. That would lok awesome in a 50 gallon fishtank!!

  4. Looks really cool. Like Mike said, put him in a fish tank.