Monday, September 17, 2012

New Towel Tuesday! See what I did there?

I said towel instead of toy.....See what I did there?
I love the things companies put out.  Usually....I have pretty specific tastes.  In 1995 I was Batman forever  crazy!  I had the figures, the tshirts, etc.  I even had the towel.  I kept that towel till the year 2000 when circumstances beyond my control I had to leave it behind in New York.  I hope some homeless person is now using it fighting crime in the Big Apple....It looked like this...
I have looked on Ebay to find it again only to be shot down.  Then I moved to Mexico and all hope was lost.  Oh well.  Who wants someone else´s stinky old towel anyway?  I miss my towel...But fear not....I have gotten others in the fight to dry off!
WHOO!  I have my Batman towel again....Sort of.  At least it is the original caped crusader´s insignia!  Now I can towel off in style! 

I am showcasing my other awesome towel!  Spidey baby!  I grabbed these up when I visited Texas last month.  Mexico doesn´t get this kind of coolness.  And if they do; they want a second mortgage on the home just to buy one.  I was hoping to find an Avengers one in my last travel but I guess they all got sold out.  And no I am not naked for you perverts out there.  My tighty whiteys figure prominently in the Batman shot.


  1. Well that's just perverse! LOL

  2. Ewwww nudity. Just kidding. Towels look awesome.


  3. I am ALSO looking for the Batman Forever towel! i had one as a kid and need it back!

    anybody know where to start looking?