Sunday, September 9, 2012

Memory Monday: Baskin Robbins edition

We have all had our summer jobs at one point or another living in the United States and I was no different.  I, however didn´t want a job.  Mother forced me into it.  It was good for me now though looking back.  I wore the most garish suit I could find for a young guy at 15 years old.  Went to several job interviews only to be turned down....Until....Baskin Robbins took a chance on me.  I worked there for over 2 years.

This is the actual store I worked in at Buckhead in Atlanta.  It is still there today.  What a world!  The owner a grumpy cuss named Tom let us take a quart of ice cream home for free every shift we worked!  WOW!  I tried them all.  Brought home some for Dad too. 

The hot fudge dispenser and I were good friends.  Many a time I took home 3 scoops of icecream covered with hot fudge and peanuts with cherries on top.  I am surprised I didn´t get really fat during this time.  But a young man burn calories pretty quick.
The cake on the right...WOW!  We used to sell alot of those.  So good.

I have no idea who this family is.  They are just standing in front of the store is all.  Yeah after 2 years I got fired from there by cranky Tom.  I even cried because of it.  2 years is a long time for a kid.  What was best though as it was right down the street from the comic book store!  MANY a day I would go in there to read my favorites...
What I really wish is that there would be one in Mexico.  Perhaps I should have opened up one.


  1. Ice Cream and Comics for the exacta :)

    1. What a good day huh? Mint chocolate chip on a cone and a dollar comic!