Monday, September 3, 2012

Memory Monday! Arcade edition!

No, not this Arcade...  Just memories of the Arcade.  I am a product of the seventies and eighties. So here I will list some of my favorite arcade games from that era. 
The original Chiller!  Whooo!!!!  My father´s best friend from high school Ed used to fix these darn things for a living.  I so vividly remember playing this in his garage when he had us over a few times.  The image is burned in my skull.
This is a cheat.  I never played the Creature from the black lagoon pinball game.  But I SURE do want one for Monster Cafe Saltillo!  Think of the pesos I could make!!!
Donkey Kong Jr. got more play from me at 711 then probably any coin operated game ever.  I loved it.  I knew it was a second cousin to Donkey Kong but to me it was the favorite.
Just look at the graphics on Donkey Kong Jr.!  So great.  To me it sure beat hopping over the barrels that Donkey Kong gave ya.  Mario was the villain in this one as he was in Donkey Kong.  Now he is the hero.  Go figure...
Ah Ms. Pacman.  The hotter version of Pacman being that she´s a chick...No really I prefered her over to her male counterpart because she could move faster than him!  At least it seemed that way to me.  I was really good at this game.  Probably the only one in my history.
The original Star Wars game!  One could be a pilot in your own XWing fighter trying to blow up the Death Star.  Another game I sucked at...
I know it is not the game in the JAWS movie but man would this rock or not?  Never played it but it sure does hit the nostalgia button doesn´t it?

The now closed Gino´s pizza in Atlanta is where I first discovered Space invaders and also began my lifelong obsession with all things Ravioli...

Ah the bowling alley is where I discovered Gauntlet.  With my good friends Chris Davis and heck I forget who else us four played this all the time.  Even a bowler played with us.  This grizzled old bowler had wise words for us youngins.  None of which I can remember but I DO remember the guy looking like he had been to hell and back.  I always wanted to be the Elf.
This was also at the bowling alley.  The Playboy pinball.  I never played it.  I would´ve felt too dirty too...At the time...;)

Haunted House.  My father´s friend also had this.  Wow...Such memories.  I am SO sure this was also a spark then led me to create the Monster Cafe.
Centipede was the other game in the 711 along with Donkey Kong Jr that I wore out.  I was however never any good at it. 
I always said that if I ever got rich I would buy all these games but now I do not feel that way.  It would be sweet to have them in one´s own private game room but this is probably better....
A MAME machine!  Apparantly I have been told that it replicates over 1,000 games or something like that.  So one could have all the games he wanted on one machine.  However I doubt Haunted House and more obscure games wouldn´t be on it.





  1. There is a awesome Haunted House pinball game too that might be worth your time checking out if you ever get the chance. it along with the Haunted House gun game you showed above along with Pac-Man and Donkey Kong would be dreams for me to own.

  2. Like I said...If I ever get rich...

  3. I am an old school arcade rat myself. The base I lived on had a great collection of old pinball games, the newest electronica and classic sitdowns like Galaga and Mrs Packman. I loved those old shooting games. We all hung out there in the 70s. Orange soda, Pepperoni pizza and jailbait. What a combination.

  4. I would kill for the Haunted House game and the Creature pinball machine! Oh, and I've always wanted the KISS pinball machine as well!