Monday, September 10, 2012

League Assignment : Star of the show!

Television executives have determined that you lead an amazing life and have pegged you as the next big reality TV star. What’s the name and the premise of your show?

Oh gee I wonder.  WHO has the awesomest cafe in the world?  It is a ready made gimmick for a TV show!
MONSTER CAFE SALTILLO BABIES!  Oh yeah!  We have it all.  A wonderful concept, good food, and enough drunks that wander in off the street of Saltillo to pack a punch! 

We got MONSTERS, live music....and...MONSTERS!
We have TWO bars!

 I mean, this is Mexico!  It would be CHEAP to film it here.  I speak English and am American.  We have the ever hanging threat of the Zeta gangs etc.  Wifey and I sometimes have a battle right inside the cafe.  And we are at war!  Even with the other LAMEO bars in the neighborhood that sell beer for cheap prices in their hole in the walls and consider themselves a business. 

I think it would kick so much butt!  The show could also feature my never ending quest to get my Marvel Universe figures here in Mexico.
Well I am the first one done.  Why?  Because I live on the computer.  I will put up three more bloggers when da slackas post theirs.


  1. How does this post not have any comments yet?? This is by far and away the coolest show concept anyone in The League has posted. A Monster-themed cafe in Mexico? If there's anything I know what makes for an entertaining reality show, it's drunk people, culture clashes, and food porn. The whole monster thing just adds another layer of awesomeness. I'd totally watch this.

    1. Hey thanks! I think it is because I am the new blogger on the block. I haven´t been totally accepted yet by blogger society...

  2. Another excellent post! I think this show would be a prefect fit for the Syfy channel and all their monster-themed shows. I'd watch it!

    1. Thanks Brian! I will be sure to be on time and punctual with my posts about the League.