Monday, September 3, 2012

League assignment: Back to school!

Summer’s over, it’s time to go back to school! (Interpret it as you will.)

Hmm...The new league assignment is back to school.  At first I thought of this...
If I did this correctly you can go ahead and click on it and listen to the song. 
Yeah this is what I first thought of.  But then I decided to ask wifey what she thought of when I say the words Back to School.  She thought of excitement and progress.  For me....Not so much the progress but the excitement!  New Trapper Keepers, did the friends look differently etc.  My most RECENT back to school occured in the year 1999.  I was attending the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York city and for term one I was a little gordo or fat.
 I got to live in the greatest city in the world NEW YORK for around 3 years.  It was great!  The comic shops were awesome, Toys R Us at 14th street and FAO Schwartz!!!  I went there almost daily! 
This is the lobby of AADA.  Truly the hallowed halls of acting.

Forbidden planet comic book shop.  Ah, what a dream to be able to go there all the time.

I am mixing some pics of when I was there in 93 for a summer session and when I went fulltime in 98-2000 years.  This is me in 93 doing that trick thing with my upper lip.  What a dork!
 Well that summer of 1999 I dedicated myself to losing weight by doing the Atkins diet.
I ate these nonstop for over a month and I would order Mcdonalds hamburgers and throw away the buns!  I got really sick but I shed 24 pounds.  I looked so hot when I returned to school.  People were shocked.  I shocked myself too.
Acting school is great.  SO different than normal high school.  Classes consist of Acting, singing, voice, and movement.  You have to audition to get in and go for the first year.  Costs $10,000 per year!!!  To get in for the second year you have to be voted on by your professors as to wheather you were good enough to come back.
.  That was ALWAYS stressful.  Waiting to get my envelope in the mail if I would return or not.  They only invite back a third of the first year students to the competition is tough.  Only four of my class didn´t get back in.
 I even got to perform Sweet Transvestite from Rocky Horror picture show in singing class....It earned me double A´s!
So I even got to graduate!  There is me hanging by the New York Post...HAHA...Get it?  Even got to meet Professor Javier...I mean Patrick Stewart came to speak to our graduating class!  I was thrilled because as a comic geek I knew he was already cast in XMen!  I wanted to ask him but never did.
So now there is a permenent pic of me in the school...So future generations can ask themselves....WHO the hell is this idiot?
I was the first done so I couldn´t link anyone else from the league.  So here they are now!


  1. I remember my own flirtations with musical theatre. Nothing like performing in front of a live crowd, is there? Congrats on living the dream for the time that you did.

  2. Hey thanks Cal! It was a dream for around 3 years.

  3. I thought Back to School too. But then I thought why? I think it was cool that you went to NYC to the Art school. Awesome.


    1. Hey gracias! It was hard work but very rewarding.

  4. WOW! That seems like quite an experience! Stuff like that is priceless!!