Tuesday, September 4, 2012

J boy´s Superteam idea...Government sponsored.

I had something else to blog about but when I saw the superteam idea I had to go with it.  Now my idea is nothing new...Heck it was done in the comics!  But I do not have many  Marvel Universe figures to do much.  So.....In my universe SHIELD kind of runs things.  Mutants are just coming around and SHIELD has been secretly using them.  First is the PSYOPS team which are basically Sith and Jedi with their mind force powers.  The second is a traditional mutant team.  XFactor.

Mystique is the government appointed leader, with Multiple Man is the army if need be with Strong Guy as the muscle and Random as long distance shooter.

They are standing around at headquarters awaiting orders.

Shooting the breeze.

Multiple Man make a joke that Strong Guy does NOT care for....
As you notice I do not have Havok in the lineup.  It is because I do not have the figure.  And Hasbro has not made Lorna Dane nor Wolfsbane.  Hope they will one day.
Uh oh....Looks like an order has come down from a SHIELD operative.  It is time for XFactor to take it´s leave.  YES I use the Stormtroopers in my universe as SHIELD field operatives.  Didn´t I mention that?