Thursday, September 20, 2012

Freaky Friday! Some Monster Cafe framed photos

I love Applebee´s.  I like the food and I like looking around at the decor.  It is however Chile Tomato and Cebolla.  That is a spanish expression has a little bit of everything and they do not have their own identity.  I agree with that assessment.  They have sports, movies, TV shows, vintage kitsch etc.  There is not one dominant theme.  But I like looking at everything.  Photos everywhere.  SO.......In Monster Cafe Saltillo it is photos everywhere but with my Monster theme.
The above is from the Draculas dragster model kit.  I just cut the box and framed the art.  This is at the bar area.  With Dracula swishing his blood cocktail I thought it to be perfect.

Also at the bar.  Found this pic online.  A wolfman talking about Whiskey...Awesome.

Lastly at the bar to fill space.  I just love the buildups.

In front of the bar.  Another box cutaway.  Wish I could score the Gigantics Tarantula.  My pet needs a mate.

Another cutaway.  Sorry for the flash.  I like the Monster rods.

This was found in comic books the world over.  I blew it up on the net and framed it.

This was sent to me by a member of the Universal Monster Army.  I was honored to show it in the cafe.
So that is the Freaky Friday edition.


  1. Very cool! I love the aurora kit box art!

  2. I spend six weeks one summer as kid in Pinawa Manitoba. It was a town in the middle of the Prairies that help a nuclear power plant. Everyone who lived there worked at the facility. It was a cold war town and they sold those great Monster kits. The only thing that saved me was building those giant insect dioramas. Oh and check you mail sometime soon. You will LOVE me for what I sent you.