Thursday, September 6, 2012

Freaky Friday- Giant mantas outside.

It is Freaky Friday again and I have to talk about something monstery again.  On this post I will post some of our great mantas that sometimes hang outside our cafe.  This one is to hire people.
I know most blog readers do not read spanish but that is ok.  IT is really about the pictures.  This one is near and dear to my heart.  The image comes from a record that I adored in the seventies and WISH I had a copy of it.  It is this one.

One of my early introductions to Monsters. 
I have made others too which are self explanatory...

You can kind of get a sense of the size of one of these badboys.  20 feet or so.  We have made many in our 4 years but this is the only one I have a pic of hanging outside our cafe.
We have also made these....
I love the Jack Davis Wolfman I put up.  This image was in almost every comic I read in the eighties.  So I threw a little love his way with a giant manta!

This one the newspaper designed for us.  They did a good job too.  A hodgepodge of everything.
They are hard to make out but we got two of them on each side of the windows done during our first year. 

These are two billboards we made in our first year as well.  You may notice the bottom one has a striking similarity to....
YEAH!  It is the Famous Monsters Speak record.  Had this as a lad but I HAD to steal the image in making my boards.  They are down right now as $400 a month was a little too much but we WILL do more again in the future.
 So that is it!  I hope to design another Manta real soon and I´ll post a pic of it hanging on Monster Cafe!  With Halloween this year I am going to do a retro Manta with the old timey seventies goodness Beistle cutout images.


  1. Love them all Hobby! With thise the business must pour in. : )

  2. Thanks Jboy! Was getting worried no one was going to comment today....WHEW!

    Yeah one would THINK business would pour in but the Mexicans didn´t grow up on these images like we did.

  3. I am absolutely blown away by your banners!! Especially the Jack Davis Slim Jim art - he also did a Dracula one with the tag line; "Satisfy your meat tooth!".