Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Controversial Thursday! Some asshats...

Yup it is Thursday again.  This is the day where I piss off someone though not intentional.  It is just how I feel about a certain topic.  I was torn in using Chris Jericho's word Assclown or Asshat...I went with Asshat... I have five examples of Asshattery today.    Two are literal hats mind you...
Wearing your baseball cap to the side.  ASSHAT!  What an idiotic thing to do!  It keeps the sun off of the side of your face.  What are you trying to be Twoface from Batman?  Sunburned on one side and clean on the other?  Oh it isn´t something like that.  It is just because you are a moron!

Thank you Willy Wonka for agreeing with me.    He looks SO intimidating doesn´t he?  So again an asshat is one who wears his hat like that.  The second asshat catagory is below.
Anyone that is NOT around cows, horses or on a farm but wears a cowboy hat is an ASSHAT!  What an idiotic thing to do.  Urban Cowboy was SO in the eighties...
This is definietly an asshat....Why?  I watched this guy personally.  TOUGH to find parking on this particular day because of a wedding at the church.  This asshat parks in such a way to take up THREE parking places.  It is such a selfish thing to do.  ASSHAT!
This is a guy we met in Laredo trying to cross the bridge that seperates Mexico from the U.S.  He would not let ANYONE in front of him even though the lane with all the buses on his right shut down and cars were piled up behind them because you cannot see.  This guy almost caused two wrecks for his insenstive behaivor.  So he is an honorary ASSHAT!

I am going to go all Church lady here....Yeah....This guy missed the Bible text as  Leviticus 19:28, "Do not cut your bodies for the dead, and do not mark your skin with tattoos. I am the Lord.¨  He is obviously young.  He has a CROSS around his neck, a Mary shirt and a Mary bandana indicating that he believes the bible but chose not to believe that verse.  Or he was SO ignorant he didn´t even pick up a bible like most pseudo Christians.  Not to mention I am sure he is going to have a swell heck of a time finding a job being COVERED in tattoos.  Maybe something with construction IF he even knows what a hammer is etc.  Why doesn´t he get a new tattoo over his face saying.... ASSHAT?!?!


  1. If you are wearing your ballcap sidewise you better be the paperboy lol.

    1. John you rock! I thought the same thing....either that or the "mad" kid from the vintage little people :)

  2. You forgot about the guys in the wife-beater shirts and the over-sized shorts hanging down to their knees - ASSHAT!