Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Controversial Thursday. Destroying taste buds...

Well it is that day of Controversial Thursday where I blog about something that might piss people off.  But again these are my opinions and only mine.  Some may agree some may disagree.  And I may be TOTALLY wrong...But on this days is how I feel about it. I know this is harsh but hey.
All of this crap above....Destroys the taste of food.  It doesn´t enhance it.  It makes your mouth so fiery hot you cannot even TASTE the food anymore. 
Why do people choose this condiment is beyond me.  There is no flavor.  The only ¨flavor¨ is HOT!

And to me it insults my restaurant.  I make my food to be of a certain taste that when people eat jalapenos with it they cannot taste what was originally created.  It destroys the taste.  Save the hot stuff for the bland taco places.  I mean geez there is one on almost every corner in Mexico if one HAS to set their mouth on fire.  But it is served in EVERY restaurant in Mexico.  Even McDonalds!  I am surprised there wasn´t a motion passed to make it a law it be put into the drinking water the people love it so much down here!
Can you imagine going on Chef Ramsey´s show and saying....¨Oh, I need jalapenos to properly enjoy this fine cuisine you have prepared.¨  He would call you a "#%#"$&#$%! and remove you from the show!!! 

Some ignorant woman even ordered my splendid Chicken Focaccia sandwich with Authentic Swiss cheese (something HARD to find in Mexico) and carmalized onions and insisted on putting KETCHUP on it!!!!! Ketchup!  I wanted to slap her for that.  Ruining my fine food with that crap.
Reminds me of the time I was working at the Ritz Carlton one of the 5 diamond award winners in the food service industry and we had a banquet going on.  Truly spectacular event!  A fine Balsamic Vinaigrette had been chosen as the dressing for the Endive salad and this IGNORANT woman requested Thousand Island dressing!!!  Would you ask Toscanini to lead a harmonica band?  Requesting Thousand Island at one of the finest hotels in the world has got to  be one of the most ignorant misuses of food I have ever seen. Not only that but the woman didn´t know it is NOT A LA CARTE at Banquets!  The menu is chosen by the one paying the bill and there is to be no deviation from it.  She probably cost them an extra $5 for doing that.  Now I am NO Ritz Carlton but I have the same pride in our food and damn it if I am not going to try to be the best that Saltillo has to offer that is for SURE!


  1. I don't care for super-hot foods or spices either i think a little bit can be ok in certain things but for the most part i don't see how any of it can do anything but kill the taste of what you are eating due to overkill when people just pile that stuff in or on there food.

    1. I just got into a rant. It happens on Thursdays.

  2. I like hot salsa and spicy food but not too spicy or hot. When I make quesadillas I add chili powder and a hapenaro BBQ sauce. Hopefully I spelled hapenaro correctly. But that's usually the only time I do.

    Dan(yes I can cook)

  3. I do like spicy food and occasionally cook with with Tobasco and other hot sauces (Cajun-style shrimp & grits, anyone?), and I even have a high tolerance level for spiciness. I have also been known to drizzle hot sauce over my popcorn. But there's "spicy" spicy and then there's "OMFG THIS TASTES LIKE SATAN'S TAINT!!" spicy. I ordered a platter of jerk chicken one time that I ended up sanding back because it damn near killed me. Pretty sure I would have started bleeding out my eyeballs if I took another bite. I don't believe for a moment that anyone actually enjoys food that is THAT hot. From what I've observed, most of hot sauce culture exists for macho men to get into dick-measuring contests over.

  4. Hilarious comment Jaime!I like Franks mild but the hot stuff really takes away from the flavor,athough an ice cold glass of water after a
    a couple spoonfuls of a spicy meal is the best!

  5. NO WAY!!! I understand that if you are served cuisine prepared by a chef then you should eat it in the way they intended it to experience the flavor they are presenting you....BUT Hot Sauce is KING!!!! Dont get me wrong I'm not talkin that Garbage tabasco sauce I'm talking FRANKS HOT SAUCE!!!! It is HOT!! and has flavor!! I Live near Buffalo, NY and Franks is a staple!! Fry chicken wings nice and crispy....toss em in a mix of butter and Franks.....heaven!! or a fresly cooked breakfast burrito(eggs,cheese,peppers) and lightly dip the end in Franks before a bite......yummmmmmmmmm!

  6. I don't understand the appeal of hot sauce. I can tolerate it at mild levels, but I don't prefer it. I mean, when eating a meal becomes a test of endurance it ceases to be enjoyable for me. I remember hanging out in New Orleans with a friend of mine and going into a shop that sold hot sauce (ONLY hot sauce - no shit!), and he would dip a toothpick into bottles of hot sauce with names like "Burning Hellfire Asshole" and "Hot Nuclear Death". He would lick the toothpick and sample each sauce, and after a couple of samples he would turn beet-red and start sweating profusely. How is that fun? He was clearly in pain but refused to admit it. He looked like Ben Stiller eating Indian food in "Along Came Polly"!