Thursday, September 6, 2012

Controversial Thursday- Actors that ruined sequels

Oh yeah!  It is controversial Thursday!  Yesterday´s post was about movies that should have been trilogies.  This one is about the actors that refused to be in the sequel and thus RUINED the franchise because I am anal and like my movie sequels to have consistency.  Now in this post I do not care if there were extenuating circumstances that prevented the star from doing the movie.  I will give curses to them all for not doing it for any reason.  No reason is good enough. So here top 10 actors that ruined sequels!
1. Jill Eikenberry/ Arthur 2- She SHOULD have been in Arthur part 2 on the rocks but instead she decided to be with a boring tv show called LA Law.  Curses to you Jilly O!
2. Claudia Wells/ Back to the future 2 and 3- Her mother had cancer and decided not to do the movie as I hear it.  Well like I said, no reason is good enough.  Jennifer wasn´t in movie hardly at all so Wells COULD have done it and still been by her mother´s side.  Curses to YOU Wells!
3. Geena Davis/Fletch 2 and the fly 2- Yeah Ole Geena Davis gets TWO curses for this one.  She didn´t want to be in the Fly part 2 in a 30 second scene because was a ¨legit¨ actress by then and couldn´t be bothered.  Fletch 2 didn´t have the character Larry in it but I STILL blame her for not being in it.  Yeah I am kinda strict.
4. Fat tub of lard/Godfather 2- I do not want to look up this actor´s name.  What a craphead!  He wanted more money for the sequel than Pacino!  So the whole script had to be rewrote because of this jackass and the character of Frankie Pentangeli had to be created because it was SUPPOSED to be the character of Clemenza...So they rewrote it and killed off this fatguy!  I really want to use the F word right now but this blog will try to remain cuss word free.  So a big fat curse to you Clemenza!!!
5. Jodie Foster/Hannibal-  Yeah ole Foster forget what brought her to the dance and refused to play Clarece Starling in the sequel to Silence of the Lambs movie Hannibal because she thought the part was beneath her.  She won an Oscar for lambs for crying out loud!  So we had to drudge through Hannibal with a less qualified actress Julianne Moore.  BIG curses to you Foster!
Sage Stallone/Rocky Balboa- Yeah I am pulling NO punches with this post.  That is what controversial Thursday is all about.  I know he died recently and it´s tragic, it is ALSO tragic that he didn´t want to do Rocky part 6 because he didn´t want to be in his father´s shadow.  COP OUT!  Do the darn flick ya jerk!  But he didn´t.  Shame.  Curses to him anyways.
7. Jim Carrey/Son of the Mask- The Mask was Carray´s BIG breakout performance.  Made him a star.  I do not care if he wasn´t asked to be in the sequel but he probably was.  It would´ve been a better movie with him helping along things!  We could have seen the romance between Ipkiss and Cameron Diaz´character. etc.  Curses to you Carray for not demanding a part in it!
8. Susan Sarandon/Shock Treatment-  I am a Rocky Horror picture show nut.  Even have myself a tattoo which I will show here one day.  She, nor Bostwick returned for the Rocky sequel Shock Treatment.  They cast other horrible bad actors.  Now I know it is NOW a cult movie and even has a fan demand for it but darnit....Sarandan SHOULD have been in it!!!  Bostwick too!  She can make up for it by doing a REAL sequel to Rocky Horror now with Obrien writing and getting the cast back together WITH Tim Curry.  Do it now before I blow a gasket.  It is called Revenge of the Old Queen written by Obrien. That is her new boyfriend in the pic with her.  She could have anyone in the world and she picks a kid with Down´s syndrome.  How nice...
9. Micheal J. Fox/ Teen Wolf Too- I have heard that Micheal hates his movie Teen Wolf.  I blogged about it yesterday.  Yeah the sequel sucks...But imagine Fox doing it.  It would have been a better script etc.  But NO...he hated the first one.  BOO HOO TO YOU Fox!  We liked it!  And folks pay attention to the end of Teen Wolf where a guy in the stands exposes his shortcomings.
10. Olvia newton John, John Travolta/Grease 2- Yeah they both were not in it.  Would have loved for them too!  But they were stars by then.  Ughhh....They ruined a great sequel even though Grease 2 is awesome. 

Bonus- Rachel Weisz/ Mummy 3- She didn´t want to do the sequel.  Now she is married to James Bond.  CURSES to you Weisz!  You are too pretty but man....You ruined Mummy part 3 by not being in it.


  1. Am giving a pass to Weisz on this one....She is too smoking hot to be mad at....Woof! : )

    1. Mummy 3 was pre-ruined. And it had YETI and they still couldn't make that turd work. I am one who loves the first two Mummy movies.

      I also think that if Michael J. did Teen Wolf two we might never have been introduced to one Jason Bateman and without him there is no arrested development.

    2. Jason Bateman would have been fine without Teen Wolf 2. He was in Valerie the TV show and had been on Silver Spoons before that.

    3. I agree with jboy....she's too hot to get mad at!!

  2. There was a Mummy 3? Anyway how about the Val Kilmer Batman or George Clooney one? Yucky! Successful squeal with actor change, the Dark Knight Maggie G. did a way better job then Katie Holmes.


  3. HOLY COW I had no idea that The Godfather was changed like that! I have to look up the script to see what was supposed to happen!!