Sunday, September 16, 2012

1st ever Monster Cafe Win some toys contest!

I see other bloggers doing it and since I am one to copy the hell out of people here we go!  I am offering the below!  See I am not into any of these toy lines.  Found them in Mexico...

I know alot of bloggers out there love TMNT and Power Rangers.  I also have some Scooby Doo, Kung Fu Panda and a Simpson´s character.  If I get 10 comments on this post by different KNOWN bloggers, I will pick one winner and send this stuff out.  Now bear in mind I live in Mexico and will not be going to the states until October.  So ya gotta wait a little while.


  1. Have you traded off those famous covers figures yet? I have some things to trade that I think you would be very interested in.

  2. I don't really collect anything there but I will contribute and post to help out Brothermidnight and any other blogger who wants to take a crack at this :)

  3. I shall pass on this contest but i want to wish everyone good luck that will be entered. : )