Sunday, September 30, 2012

Score Sunday If I were a rich man...

Yeah I have found out that no one reads Sunday.  Heck I didn't even get a comment for last Sunday!  So....I will talk about something I like but most would find boring.  Especially my fellow toy bloggers.  I got this the other day.

Yes....To find this in Mexico is rare indeed.  A movie about a jewish family.  My second mother introduced me to this movie when I was a kid in 1978.  We bought the record and sang it around the house whenever I visited her.  Oh how I cherish those times.

I am sure all of us have sang If I were a rich man at one time or another.  Topol does a great job as Tevye.  Wifey and I although being of two separate cultures could really appreciate the film.  The prejudices that they experienced.  Being a white american guy in Saltillo, I get weird looks everyday.
I am so glad we do not live in those times anymore.  Where matchmaking was common.  My wife and I chose each other.  We didn't have to learn to love, we have done so throughout our time together.  I highly recommend this movie!  Watch it with a loved one if ya can.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Score Saturday! Is that a Monger in your pants or..

Hey all.  I FINALLY have a new computer.  So I can be all like commenting on your blogs again.

So this week[s....See there....Where I want to put an apostrophe [ THAT shows up....Catblasted Mexican computers.  Let me try again...' oh....THERE it is...It is in the wrong place.  I gotta reconfigure this new computer.
Anyway my latest score is Iron Monger!!!  I was not reading Iron Man back in the day when this story appeared....Hey...waitaminute...I have never consistenly read Iron Man.  Oh well.  I DO remember the storyline though. 
In fact this was the first issue of Iron Man I ever read.  It happens WAY before Obadiah Stane was introduced.
Here is Stane in the Iron Monger suit.  I do NOT have this version.  I do believe they have made him in the MU format but alas.  This is Mexico.  I gotta take what I can get.  What I DO remember is that Stane kills himself.
Yup...Blasts himself right in the face.
Oh no!  Tony finds himself against the Iron Monger whom I wish was BLUE!

Iron Monger quickly snatches him up!

What will be the fate of Iron Man?  You decide!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Freaky Friday: Sideshow monsters..

I am slowly running out of Monster topics here....But then I thought I need these last 6 Sideshow 8 inch figures from Sideshow to complete my collection in the cafe.
If anyone has any I would love to trade out for them...

I have all the rest of the collection except these guys which as I understand are quite common.  Except Igor of course..

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

New toy Tuesday! Submariner´s underwater kingdom

This blog post will be rather short.  Like Namor´s short shorts...With that said....First up is my first and one of only two Namor memories....
Namor believes Spiderman and the fishing crew are trying to attack his underwater kingdom.  They fight which leads to the creation of HydroMan!  Awesome....But then Namor is again featured a few issues later...
He and Spidey exchange powers!

So I finally have the Sub Mariner!  Oh yeah!  Things are getting real now!  SLOWLY my Marvel Universe collection is growing.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Memory Monday: AMSCO DELIGHT!

Hello all!  I do not have a computer again!  It decided to crap out on me.  Luckily I have made blogs for a few days in advance.  So I am posting Monday´s although very late.

  I want to talk a little bit about Amsco toy company!  They made cardboard superhero toys in my youth.  See we had Mego and that was about it for Superhero toys.  I WISH I had kept a few of these awesome playsets from Amsco.  But alas....This was long before the awesome time we have now of Marvel Universe 3 inch figures.
This one is from 1966 apparantly.  When Batman fever gripped the nation.  I never had it.  Boy it looks fun though.  Look at it!  Wayne Manor, the Batcave and Gothom city all in one playset!

Amsco in the seventies branched out into Marvel.  This is how I want my heroes and will always remember them!  I hardly recognize the characters nowadays.  Luke Cage looks like a thug, Iron Fist is white, Thor looks weird, The Hulk is red etc.  Shame shame.

Marvel World was a hell of a playset.  It was all the imagination of the Marvel Universe in one toy.

I used to closely examine each character becoming very familiar with all of them and loving them.  No, not in that way.  I always wanted Mego to somehow catch up to Amsco in their characters.  Never happened though.
They even made Spiderman´s life!  I used to love spiderman villains.  Look at em in all their glory!  But I always put Rhino as a Hulk villain.  I didn´t know till a few years later he started his rampage in ASM41....
Now I was a little young for Planet of the apes fever but I still caught the last wave of it.  Amsco even made this.  Seeing the original movie years later and I would have wanted one of these things.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Score Saturday! Lizard edition...

When I was a kid my first exposure to Spiderman was the 1967 show....It was ALMOST my first exposure to Superheroes but I discovered Spiderman comics first.  It certainly enhanced my love for them.

One of the REAL spiderman villains on the show was the Lizard.  He talked in a raspy lizardlike voice.
Here is the episode I watched back then.  I used to sit back in Dad´s bedroom while he worked and remember vividly watching the Spiderman cartoon and Marvel Superheroes. 
So I am glad I found this Lizard in ole Mexico!  I wish he looked more like the original version but it is still passable.
Then I found out my fish were eating this plastic log I had in there.  I thought it would be the perfect base for a tree in Florida.  I think it is awesome as heck!  It saves the tree and gives me something to photograph against!  Kind of like Jboy´s King Kong Skull Island playset.  Now I had read some Lizard issues like this one...
But in this issue the bad guy was moreso the Iguana!  Oh well.  I have never read another comic with the Lizard in it.  I just happen to miss him in my collecting moods...

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Freaky Friday! Some Monster Cafe framed photos

I love Applebee´s.  I like the food and I like looking around at the decor.  It is however Chile Tomato and Cebolla.  That is a spanish expression has a little bit of everything and they do not have their own identity.  I agree with that assessment.  They have sports, movies, TV shows, vintage kitsch etc.  There is not one dominant theme.  But I like looking at everything.  Photos everywhere.  SO.......In Monster Cafe Saltillo it is photos everywhere but with my Monster theme.
The above is from the Draculas dragster model kit.  I just cut the box and framed the art.  This is at the bar area.  With Dracula swishing his blood cocktail I thought it to be perfect.

Also at the bar.  Found this pic online.  A wolfman talking about Whiskey...Awesome.

Lastly at the bar to fill space.  I just love the buildups.

In front of the bar.  Another box cutaway.  Wish I could score the Gigantics Tarantula.  My pet needs a mate.

Another cutaway.  Sorry for the flash.  I like the Monster rods.

This was found in comic books the world over.  I blew it up on the net and framed it.

This was sent to me by a member of the Universal Monster Army.  I was honored to show it in the cafe.
So that is the Freaky Friday edition.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Controversial Thursday. Destroying taste buds...

Well it is that day of Controversial Thursday where I blog about something that might piss people off.  But again these are my opinions and only mine.  Some may agree some may disagree.  And I may be TOTALLY wrong...But on this days is how I feel about it. I know this is harsh but hey.
All of this crap above....Destroys the taste of food.  It doesn´t enhance it.  It makes your mouth so fiery hot you cannot even TASTE the food anymore. 
Why do people choose this condiment is beyond me.  There is no flavor.  The only ¨flavor¨ is HOT!

And to me it insults my restaurant.  I make my food to be of a certain taste that when people eat jalapenos with it they cannot taste what was originally created.  It destroys the taste.  Save the hot stuff for the bland taco places.  I mean geez there is one on almost every corner in Mexico if one HAS to set their mouth on fire.  But it is served in EVERY restaurant in Mexico.  Even McDonalds!  I am surprised there wasn´t a motion passed to make it a law it be put into the drinking water the people love it so much down here!
Can you imagine going on Chef Ramsey´s show and saying....¨Oh, I need jalapenos to properly enjoy this fine cuisine you have prepared.¨  He would call you a "#%#"$&#$%! and remove you from the show!!! 

Some ignorant woman even ordered my splendid Chicken Focaccia sandwich with Authentic Swiss cheese (something HARD to find in Mexico) and carmalized onions and insisted on putting KETCHUP on it!!!!! Ketchup!  I wanted to slap her for that.  Ruining my fine food with that crap.
Reminds me of the time I was working at the Ritz Carlton one of the 5 diamond award winners in the food service industry and we had a banquet going on.  Truly spectacular event!  A fine Balsamic Vinaigrette had been chosen as the dressing for the Endive salad and this IGNORANT woman requested Thousand Island dressing!!!  Would you ask Toscanini to lead a harmonica band?  Requesting Thousand Island at one of the finest hotels in the world has got to  be one of the most ignorant misuses of food I have ever seen. Not only that but the woman didn´t know it is NOT A LA CARTE at Banquets!  The menu is chosen by the one paying the bill and there is to be no deviation from it.  She probably cost them an extra $5 for doing that.  Now I am NO Ritz Carlton but I have the same pride in our food and damn it if I am not going to try to be the best that Saltillo has to offer that is for SURE!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Wishlist Wednesday: I vanna vork aut!

When I was a lad of old I fell in love with the movie Pumping Iron and the whole bodybuilding culture.  I was around 17 when this happened.  I originally started working out to counter a bully at school but I changed schools soon after but kept the workouts going.  Arnold S was awesome to me!  Yeah I refuse to type out Schwarzenegger....Ooops I just did...Anyways I thought that if I ever got rich then I would want my own gym someday.  Because I HATE the smell of gyms and  with people occupying machines that have no earthly idea what they are doing but they are paying money so they figure they jump on a machine and do something.  We have a metal guy here in Mexico that can make ANYTHING for a fraction of the cost. So here it is.  My top 10 wishlist of equipment I will make someday. 
1. Ab coaster-This ab machine works your lower abs.  I have never seen a machine that could do it so well!  I think I would get rid of that lower gut SO fast with this thing.

2. The wrist curl.  I like my forearms the size of popeye.  With this thing one could do that pretty quickly.
3. The Smith machine- Kind of a do it all machine.  Upper lower and mid pec workouts.  Bicep curls etc.

4. The bicep machine- Speaking of curling ones biceps...This machine acts like a preacher curl machine.  I would make my handles just a little bit longer because I can go around the front of the machine and use it as a tricep press.  AWESOME workout!
5. Stretch leg-  Oh yeah.  I  can barely touch my toes.  That is not because I am fat mind you but it is because I have poor stretching ability.  This machine would go a long ways in helping me in that department.
6- The pec deck- You can work the middle of the chest and rear delts.  Hopefully after awhile you´ll look like the dude in the pic.  Man I DO want his hair.

7- Back machine row-  The gif shows what it does.

8. The seated calf- Sounds like a hitchcock movie...But in reality the seated calf machine works the middle part of the calf.  I like it.
9. The standing calf- I like my calfs to look huge.  What can I say?

10. Teeter hangup 950-  Yeah this one is about to be a reality.   As I write this we hope to buy one in the next few days.  Oops...Amendment....Why?  We just bought it today babies!  WHOOO!  And it was $100 cheaper than we thought!
 It works like a wonder!!!  I highly recommend it.