Monday, August 20, 2012

Wrong day but a little bit of SCORE SUNDAY!

Not having the internet for a few days threw me out of whack!  But here is a little of score Sunday!

Found both of these guys for around $3 each!  It is so great when stuff like this happens.  Somehow these DVD´s come from the states and have no language selection in English.  The Mexicans usually do not want them because of that so ole Hobby scoops them up on the cheap.  What once was an expensive DVD in the states is so cheap here!  And I also got NOOB!  From the Mortal Kombat line.  I have two of him already because I think they are perfect representations for the League of Shadows!  I plan to have my Infinite Heroes Batman fight them off.  I usually only army build at 4.  Anything more is too much.

I am a huge eighties fan!  Seventies a little too.  Mostly movies from my childhood I am trying to collect my ultimate library on DVD.  These were on the list!  Had to have em!  $5 each!  Sweet!

And the Marx Creature I got last Thursday?  Already painted and in the display case for Monster Cafe!  Waiter did a good job on it!
Found a few of these outside being sold in Saltillo streets.  You know....One of those original school desk thingies?  I used to get the BEST naps on them in fourth period during Mr. Clapp´s history class.  Let´s see how well I fit in it now!
Ok...WAY to big for one of these things now.  I cannot relive my childhood this way and that´s for sure.  I wonder if I can custom make one for a large dude´s body...


  1. War Games was awesome I loved it.


    1. Showed it to the wife first time last night!

  2. Every time I see War Games I hear "Do You Want To Play a Game" like some Pavlov reaction! Those desks are great!! I wonder how many times Ozzy Rules was carved into all of them??