Friday, August 24, 2012

Wifey and I visit Monterray´s Zombie fest!

I had gotten a good score the last time I went.  I got that aformentioned Friday the 13th part 2 figures on a trade with a vendor.  6 Jakks wrestling figures.  I think I made out big time!  So this year I thought it would be the same!  Wifey and I walked around a bit.  People everywhere!  But sadly most of the vendors sucked.  Outrageous prices on most things as well!  Wifey got a kickbutt Frankenstein Tshirt which I WOULD take a pic of but it is at the laundry right now; the front of it is awesome!  Karloff in all his glory in green.  It really takes me back to my youth....But then the back of it is what happens when one doesn´t get one that speaks English to do one´s writing.  It says the Man that made a Mounster.  Yeah....Welcome to Mexico!
Then I saw this....
Wow!  $20 in the states so I figured I would get a good trade on it.  Maybe 10 Jakks wrestling figures.  The Gorda wasn´t going for it though.  Yeah...GREAT salesman...She said NO in such a furious tone to my asking.  Not a sorry sir but we do not do trades etc.  Just a loud NO! So I said How much?  Get this...550 pesos!  That is like $45 dollars!  For something I could take a three hour trip across the border to get for HALF!  Even at a comic shop!  I told her she has colmillas which is basically she has fangs and trying to suck the blood out of the people charging such a high rate.  So I didn´t get it.  And we hung around the place and....SHE NEVER SOLD IT!  Gee I wonder why?  But at least we got good pics.
Wifey with cousin Fred there.  He was probably the best makeup going.

Again this is Mexico.  I am so sure that the states would have better vendors etc.  Or I could always hope for next year.  Hope it will be better.  Tyler Mane from X-men and Rob Zombie´s Halloween will be there.  Not to mention he also worked in WCW.  I just am really hoping for more reasonable vendors and more selection.
EDIT:  So we are very nice and give our employees 4 days of vacation while we go on ours to Texas and look what happens!  All 4 decide not to show up for work on the fifth day like they said they would!  I never knew being running a restaurant was so tough with these jackass people!  When I was young and had a job I usually stayed two years at each job and also gave 2 weeks notice before I left.  Not this kind though.  So a big shout out to Tere, Mario, Carlos and....that is it!  3 Great employees in 4 years!


  1. Do you have that Dracula figure or do you need it. If you want one I have a double that is yours for the asking. I also have a set of Universal Monster stamps that I would also love to gift forward to you. Check my blog to get a look at those. Email me and let's talk.

  2. Great Dracula figure! I have one my collection as well Hobby. : )