Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wednesday Wishlist MU I wish they would make.

Well it is that time again.  This wishlist will deal with what I want to see in the 3.75 inch Marvel Universe line.  It was pretty easy to come up with this list.  This line is a dream come true for me.  I would like to start off saying I was an Amazing Spiderman freak!  214 was the first issue I ever saw.  First issue I ever bought however was 224 with the vulture.  The 1966 show was playing in reruns and I was in Spidey heaven.  So with that in mind this list will be Spidey strong!  I wasn´t into his earliest villains as they were not in the issues I read at the time. 
1. The Trapster!  He was on that first cover I ever saw with issue 214!  I just liked his look.  He looked deadly and serious.  Now I know he is a mockery in the comic book world and has been changed alot.  He even looked like a ninja once.  But I would want his classic updated suit as seen above.  The figure above is actually a Toybiz prototype that was due in the 1994 Fantastic Four line but was cut.  I would´ve held onto that figure had they released him.  I have mad love for the guy!
2. The Vulture!  I know what you are thinking....Old man vulture was in issue 224.  Well I considered him but there was one that Toybiz put out that is awesome!  I also figure that Hasbro is going to make him anyways.  So my pick is for the Blackie Drago version as seen in the 1966 Spiderman cartoon series.  He has never been made and I like his little helmet.
3. The Foolkiller!!!  One of Peter Parker´s peers was the villain in issue 225.  This was my second issue of Spiderman.  Wow.  His gun vaporized people he thought were fools.  Oh Greg Salinger!
Since Juggernaut has already been made and I was NEVER a fan of the Black Cat pick number 4 goes to the Cobra!  But I am cheating a little.  A couple of years later I was snooping around other comics.  Came across a GREAT arc in Captain America where he goes against the Serpent Society!  So I do want Cobra but also the rest of the Serpent Society.  And not any of the King Cobra crap.  I just want good old fashioned Cobra.
5. Mr. Hyde.  That is right.  If you read that issue of Amazing Spiderman 231 at the end was a GREAT revelation.  Hyde standing on top of the roof gazing down at Spidey.  Here it is...
That was the end of the issue.  It MADE me want the next one!  You can thank Mr. Roger Stern the writer of ASM for that!  In issue 232 Hyde is awesome!  Smashing things etc.  He is like the Hulk.  I was a young comic reader and we had just had the Juggernaut smash the city up good and here was Hyde doing to moreso!  It was a treat!
6. Mutated Tarantula  Oh yeah!  In issue 233 Spidey fights the Tarantula, in issue 234 he gets transformed into a monster tarantula.  In issue 236 he mutates more into a HUGE tarantula.  But I would not want that one.  I want this one!  He is half Tarantula half himself.  It is kind of like Doc Ock in a spider´s form.  He looks great!  Plus....I figure Hasbro will make Human Tarantula someday soon.
7. The StiltMan  Yeah I know.  He gets a bad rap in the comic world too.  BUT he was in issue 237 fighting Spidey.  Having no idea at the time he was primarily a Daredevil villain I was quite taken with him.  Would love to see an MU figure of him with interlocking legs so he could be the size of a Sentinel in height.  I heard the Punisher shot him dead in the comics.  Oh well...
8. HydroMan... At this point in my comic buying I started to explore back issues I had missed.  Morrie Bench makes his debut in issue 212 two issues before 214 with the Trapster.  He had such a simple origin!  He was created as a result of the SubMariner and Spidey fighting on a ship where he fell in the water and exposed to radioactivity.  Great villain.  Then just 5 issues later he fights the Sandman and turns into the mud monster!
9. Boomerang. Now out of everyone on my list so far this guy probably has the best chance of being made. After reading Amazing Spiderman for awhile I started to check out his sister...No....not that kind of sister.  I mean the other comic starring Spidey the Spectacular spiderman!  Issue 67 had Boomerang the killer who keeps coming back!  He was trying out to be the Kingpin´s new assassin!  Great gimmick!  All kinds of trick Boomerangs.  A sonicrang, etc.  This was before I knew anything of Hawkeye with his trick arrows etc.

10. The original Scorpion!  Yeah I know they already made one for the 3 inch line but I do not recognize him at all. Spectacular Spiderman 21 was where I was first introduced to the Scorpion.   And since I have not picked up a recent comic since 1998 all I know is not Mac Gargan is Venom.  WHAT?  Stupid....Toybiz even made the Scorpion but again....I want one with his original suit.  With NOTHING shooting out the end of it!!!  Just a blunt end would be great. 

So that´s my list!  We will see if it changes in the coming year as probably some of these get made. Would love to know what fellow collectors want for the Marvel Universe line that have not been made yet.  Leave a comment below!


  1. Some great picks Hobby! And here is who i would like to see made into a MU figures and in no certain order....

    1)Squadron Supreme


    3)Devil Dinosaur and Moon Boy

    4)Kazar with Zabu

    5)Shanna the She-Devil

    6)Doctor Druid

    7)The Destroyer(The 40s super hero and not the one from Thor)

    8)Arnim Zola


    10)Night Thrasher


    12)Son of Satan


    14)fIN fANG fOOM


    16)The Prowler

    17)The Enforcers


    19)Jack of Hearts


    and i want single carded versions of Baron Zemo and Sentry. : )

  2. Nighthawk is on his way already! He will be in the next assortment!

  3. All those choices are great ones. I would love a 5 foot tall stilt man in scale with the other six inch figures. The little guy should stand three feet tall and have those great telescoping legs.

    Love the idea of a Serpent Society pack with all of them. They have such a great look when they are all together.

    Fool Killer - they did a great mini of that series in the 90s that I LOVED.

    1. Yeah but they replaced Salinger in that miniseries. My young heart grew up with ole Greg!

  4. Did MU release a Beyonder figure yet?If not then that's my pick ;)

    1. No they haven´t yet. Sounds to me like you want to complete the Secret Wars....You would also need them to release a Molecule man, Titania, Volcana, and a proper Lizard. I think that is it...