Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wednesday wishlist Essential and DC Showcase!

OH YES!!! Yes it is Wednesday again.  Time for a wishlist!  I have a few of these...Around 6 so I am WAY behind.  Marvel Essentials and DC Showcases baby!  I quit reading comics around 1998 when the prices got too high for me.  But a year before Marvel started releasing Essentials.  25 comics on one volume.  DC followed suit soon after.  I love em!  The only problem is that they are in black and white.  SURE do wish they were in color though.

Now these aren´t my shelves as I have said I only have 6 but it sure does bring me back to my youth.  The spines sure are colorful aren´t they?  You can pick one up on a rainy day and finish it off by nightfall.  And since they are on that original comic book style paper and not that glossy stuff it is printed on nowadays it sure does act like a time traveling device to bring one back.  I have to do a list of my most wanted of course...
1.The original handbook to the Marvel Universe has been Essentialized!  What a treasure of information!  This and the followups to it are so much fun to read.  Find out about all your favorite characters!

2. I gotta go with all of the Amazing spiderman volumes for my second pick of my wishlist.  I started reading ole Spidey when I was 9.  It was a magical time then.  The writer of Amazing Spiderman was a guy named Roger Stern.  He wrote Spidey like no one has before or since.  He really spoke to me.

3. The Flash volumes are my number 3 pick.  Being that I already have volume one.  I gotta get volumes 2 and 3 to continue to see what happens.
4. The JLA would be my fourth pick.  All the volumes of course.  I started reading JLA with issue 229.  The Mars Earth war.  A great time to be a fan because everything changed right after that.  JLA´s heavyhitters were gone to replaced by some rabble rousing punks like Vibe, and Gypsy.
5. The Xmen.  I love the mutants!  I was there for the Morlock Massacre, Jean Grey´s Death, the acolytes and many more things.  I probably followed this comic more than any other.
6. Just because I have volumes 1-3.  Now I need 4 and 5.  Great stories and a very worthy companion to the Amazing Spiderman!
7. Batman...Gotta get the Batman volumes.  I mean after all he is the caped crusader!  Volume 5 is coming into the seventies.  That is where some of the best stories are to be found.
8.Started reading Avengers with 216.  So they have a little ways to catch up.  But with 8 volumes out now that is alot of reading to do.  Wish I had them!

9. Obscure villains and heroes?  Check!  The Defenders are fantastic.  Using heroes not with the Avengers.  Hope to get these volumes one day too.
10. Gotta go with another team comic.  The original family the fantastic four! 

So there ya have it!  My Essential and Showcase wishlist!  Of course I want them ALL, even the ones I didn´t mention.  Just trying to give myself a goal is all.  I have been trying to get the pics of the Defenders to go side by side without ANY success!  Argghhh!



  1. I think those Defender ones would be fun to have and read plus if were to pick anything up like these myself i would want a Tomb of Dracula one along with any of those old monster comics Marvel did(If they come in this format).

    1. Yes they did! All of the Tomb of Dracula, Frankenstein and Werewolf comics have been made into Essentials.

  2. I remember seeing some of these Essentials comics at my local library.I almost picked one up but I couldn't get passed the B&W artwork.I may still pick one up as they seemed to be pretty lengthy.

  3. I have something for you. I have a SHOWCASE copy of The House of Mystery Volume 2 that is yours for the asking. I am half way through reading my copy. Sent me your addy to so I can also send you a lucky loonie. And since I am going through my collection to put more stuff on display, I might find something you might like to display. Do a post about what would fit into your collection. A top ten list if you will. I would like to contribute to your vision.