Saturday, August 4, 2012

Trying to organize this blog...

Man...It is almost 5 pm my time land have NOT had anytime to update this blog.  Such a shame!  I worked more today than all week long.  Running a restaurant is freakin HARD work.  The sheer amount of detail that goes into it is exhausting at times.  I usually have many hours with time to myself but not today.  Wake up go to Sam´s club go to City Club go to Soriana´s....Arghhhh!!!!  So many things to buy for this place. 

So now I am thinking how to organize this blog.  I have noticed other bloggers having certain themes for certain days.  Like Reis with Vintage Star Wars Thursdays BUT....I only have a vintage Snaggletooth red and a buttnaked Tauntaun to showcase so that´s out.  Of course I found those in Mexico.  Finding toys at the Pulgas or Flea Markets as it is known in English is difficult but anything you might find cool is ALWAYS naked.  No clothes no guns no accessories at all.  I wonder what happens to them.  Like there is some parallel universe they get swallowed up in.  I have a promotion at my restaurant.  If someone brings in ONE figure of Star Wars, Marvel universe, GI Joe, or Indiana Jones all 3 inch figures then they get $15 worth of food-beer from the restaurant.  No one has brought anything in in the year I have had it.  It is like figures are like gold or something here.  I could see a starving family on the side of the road that has a case of Star Wars figures but would refuse food in order to keep them.   I know that is not the case but it surely feels like it sometimes.

  So I think my blog will go something like this for awhile...

Monday:  Memory  Monday Childhood stuff with pics etc.

Tuesday: New Toy Tuesday or DVD or Comic etc.

Wednesday:  Wishlist

Thursday: Off the wall.  Politics, religion, something that makes me happy or upsets me whatever..

Friday: Cafe Friday!  Stories or pics of Monster Cafe Saltillo

Saturday: A day off!
Sunday:  The league assignment

Hmm...I have to throw some kind of pic in here.  So here is a pic of my Tarantula.  The official Mascot of Monster Cafe Saltillo!  She resides right here in the reception area of the restaurant.  Ain´t she cute?  Her name´s Elvira.  The customers get quite a shock from her.  Had a gal last week refuse to come into the place until I removed her.


  1. I think a "Beware of Tarntula" sign on my front fence would deter more would-be intruders than a "Beware of Dog" sign would LOL!

  2. I think it would crazy to run a restaurant i mean I love cooking . It must be hectic.