Thursday, August 16, 2012

Top 10 things for Monster Cafe Saltillo!

GREAT!  Now my home internet service is out.  Welcome to Mexico...
Yeah....I even have a wishlist for Monster Cafe Saltillo.  Things that would look great in the display case in the cafe.  Now I got into the Monster Scene really young but I am not one of those collectors that has to have Boris Karloff´s lifemask or a ticket stub from a Bela Lugosi performance of Dracula on stage.  That stuff doesn´t interest me in the slightest.  Me?  I like looking at cool monster toys!  So I will try to come up with a top 13 list.  Because 13 is unlucky....Muh hahaha...
1. The Remco mini monsters!  Now I HAD these when they first came out in 1980 but alas...House was broken into in 81 and all of them stolen!  What kind of thief would take action figures?  Oh that´s right...The neighborhood kids!  I should hunt them down today and do a serious whomp up on all of them but oh well....

2. Their big brothers!  The Remco 8 inch monsters.  Had these too back then....Met the same fate.  Tragic...

3. The EMCE Universal Monsters!  I have none of these awesome figures!  Wow!  I go to Laredo Texas about once every 3 months and there is one comic store there.  I have yet to find any of these badboys. 

4. The Diamond Select Universal Monster action figures.  They are more like statues than anything else.  I have found Frankenstein and the Bride and they are displayed.  Would love to have these too!
5. The HUGE Frankenstein mask from the Target promotion a few years ago!  I have a special place for this guy in the cafe.

6. The rest of the awesome Sideshow 8 inch monsters!  These are the only ones I have left to get for my collection!
7. These 2 dimension or is it 3 dimension...Oh well they are AWESOME wall plagues...I mean plaques.  Too cool for words. 

8. These Moebius Monster model kits.  I am WAY behind on their stuff!  You cannot find this stuff in Mexico so....

9. This prototype Marx Dracula.  Someone was casting these over the internet but I have no clue how to get one.  But man...He would take a bite out of my display case!
10.  The Jakks Universal Monsters.  I HAD these but when Dad died I was so depressed I sold off my entire collection without thinking what I would do with it in the future.  I want these in color!  So cool.  Alot of people hated them but not me.  They are almost mini monster kits.

11. The Yanoman monsters from Japan!  I have NONE of these.  They would really add an extra something to the case.
12. The Sideshow Pozer Frankenstein and Wolfman dolls!  They are around 24 inches tall and are so full of coolness.  Look at em!  Lookin like best buds!
13. The Toy Island Creature from the black lagoon!  I have the other four and almost have my Giant Sized Frankenstein completed....I just need this dude with Franky´s arm!

This one is just a bonus!  Love the Funko Bobblehead bunch!
So that is it!  My top 13!  Thanks for looking!


  1. I like the Mummy with the coffin. Looks cool. I have always been interested in the classic monsters. They look cool.


  2. I so want all of the Remco monsters but they are so pricey and i have yet to run across any in the wild for cheap.

    And the picture of those EMCE/Lego monsters....Where did you find it? I think they are mine! Meaning a picture i took of them all together or at lest it really looks like one i took.

    1. Who knows Jboy? Before I knew how to blog I obtained lots of pics from the internet just to look at. LOL if it is yours!

    2. The more i look at it i think it is a picture i took.