Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Corner Cafe...

Here I sit trying to do a blog using the internet cafe because Cablevision is too darn corrupt to fix my internet even though I am paying them....Arghhh! 

Anyways I am going to plug another restaurant in the Atlanta area.  I love this place.  Huge portions and I used to work there!
The place is owned by some Greek guy.  He was REALLY a jerk when I worked there but hey....I can say that after not having worked there for years.  But his place is great.
It was a cafe-restaurant combination with an awesome bakery.  They used the breads they made right in the cafe!  They had raisin bread, sourdough, italian breads etc.  Mouthwatering!
But it wasn´t only the breads!  They also made their own desserts!  Now me, I am a dessert kind of guy.  Whenever I go to a place that has great desserts I will generally order the dessert first before the entree.  That way I am never too full to enjoy it.
The manager who was not the Greek individual would let me take whatever they were going to throw out at the end of the day home with me.  Dad and I ate fresh fruit desserts pretty much the whole time I worked there.  But it wasn´t only the desserts that were tasty....The food in the cafe was outstanding!  I stole many of the recipes that I use in Monster Cafe from this place!

This was their Turkey reuben with fresh swiss cheese and salt and peppered potatoes on the side.  See how huge the portions are!  I hate restaurants that serve little food....
As an added bonus I always used to tell my customers that I was the model for the guy here.  That always got me a little extra in my tips....

So if you are ever in the Atlanta area stop in the Corner Cafe on Piedmont Road and don´t worry....The Greek guy is hardly ever there...
And THIS is across the street!  The Buckhead Diner!  Try their white chocolate banana cream pie!  It is out of this world!


  1. Wow you made me drool over those pictures of the bread......mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.